Some Cousins at Tryon Creek

10 of the kids were up for the hike….

I really love this picture because it shows how much fun these cousins are having together. This past summer Jeff’s brother and his family came up for a visit and the kids had a frenzy of fun. 17 cousins 10 and under. Just the parents as supervisors…..a free for all of memory making chaos. Just like I remember as a child with my cousins.


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    Shannon says

    So much fun!! I am jealous. My brother has one with one on the way but they live in AZ. Brian’s sister has one on the way too. No one else has kids yet. I LOVE big, close-knit families with lots of kids. There is nothing in the world like family! I guess this is the price I pay for starting so early having kids.

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    Stephanie says

    I love it! I grew up with about 20 cousins on my mom’s side. There were ten of us always together – every Sunday after church at my grandparents. I wish my kids would have the same, but we live 7 hrs. from my family. Thank goodness for telephone, email, digital photography/etc.

  3. 6

    Brooke says

    Remember all the trip up and down the back dirt road on the ride on lawn mower? What about the great trips to the dump across the hwy? The treasures we found there were always the highlight of the trip.

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    Laurie says

    That is so awesome! I never knew my cousins our extended family. It is a great thing to have family for your kids. Luckily my kids won’t share the same fate as me, I love that. your kids seem close to their cousins. How great!

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