FREE Teacher Appreciation Printable {SODA-lighted}

Can you believe Teacher Appreciation week is coming up?  I ADORE trying to come up with clever, fun and inexpensive ways to tell my kids teachers that they are appreciated, valued and not taken for granted.  This year I’ve taken to drinking far too much SODA so it’s no surprise that the first thing that came to mind to give my kids teachers for teacher appreciation week was their favorite SODA.   I have the perfect printable for room parents and parents with multiples in the same class!

Soda-lighted printable

Teacher Appreciation Printable

teacher appreciation tags

Since I have twins in the same class and am no stranger to being a room parent, I had tags designed that say, “We’ve been SODA-lighted to have you for our Teacher this year”. This way, room moms have something to give to the teacher from the class AND if a parent has two children in one class, they have a printable they can use as well!  Plus, the colors work great for either male or female teachers!

Free Printable File!

SODA-lighted printable (4526)

These adorable printables were designed by Tricia Rennea.  She can design just about anything, so if you ever need printables, she’s your gal!

The Tags come with two options for wording

  •  One says, “We’ve been SODA-lighted to have you for our Teacher this year!”  The other says, “I’ve been SODA-lighted to have you for my Teacher this year!
  • I’d recommend printing on white card stock.
  • Then cut out and use on Soda bottle or can to embellish gift for teacher!


SODA lighted printable

I’d love to hear how you used these printables. Did you use ribbon, twine, etc.?   Leave me a comment and let me know!

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