How to Make a Sock Bun – {tutorial}

How to Make a Sock Bun is easier than you may think.  My daughter made this quick video tutorial to show you how, and if you follow her easy instructions, you’ll be making a sock bun in no time!  I love that they look great without bobby pins, they are quick and easy, and they look much fuller than a traditional bun.  Plus, they look beautiful, don’t you think?

sock bun


sock bun 1

How to Make a Sock Bun

How to Make Sock for Inside Bun:


donut sock

  • Making the Sock for inside the bun is easy peasy.  All you need to do is cut off the toe of a mis-matched sock you have lying around the house, and then roll the sock up into a donut looking shape!


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    This always looks great…. when it turns out! Mine is never as smooth as I’d like it to be, but I love how perfectly round it is when it’s done!

  2. 25

    Jody K says

    This is fantastic — I have naturally curly hair at about a bit below shoulder length — I love this tutorial and I love the finished result!! Thanks for the idea!

  3. 27


    Tried this tonight on my oldest daughter’s hair and it is gorgeous! Her hair is so thick that it was a little hard to get it all smoothed under, but I think I just need some practice with it. Thank you for the tutorial video!

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