If anyone still believes that social media is a fad, they might feel a bit deflated when they see this:

Pretty astounding, isn’t it?


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    Astounding for sure. I was surprised over the DVR/TiVo numbers. I’m always three streps behind when it comes to new technology. Still kiss my DVR goodnight though.

    I wonder, how will all this “noise” effect people in the long run? Gen Y might be used to being constantly bombarded, but just five minutes on Twitter makes me feel like I’m standing in the middle of a very small room with lots of people yelling at me. Not that enjoyable of an experience.

    And to be honest, it’s gotten so that if I don’t really know the blogger, I rarely trust the review.

    Now excuse me please, my rotary phone is ringing 😉

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    That was very cool.

    I’m with Ash about Twitter. Someone described it as ‘Mean Girls on Crack’… was that you Ash?

    I still don’t even have a DVR. If I miss a show, I miss it until I watch it on Hulu!!

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    Love it…actually shared it on FB 6 months ago…wonder if the numbers have changed. I still can’t figure out Twitter or why anyone would care what I am doing at any given moment!

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    This was amazing – the things is – it doesn’t feel like a revolution – it feels so normal to share so much online. I have a DVR – but hulu is fast replacing it! 🙂

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    I have a new eye doctor in town and he mentioned to me at an appt. (after I pulled out my iPhone) that he was recently at a funeral for a young man. During the meal afterwards all the parents (late 40’s to early 50’s) were sitting at a table, looking at each other and talking to one another. At another table all the 20-somethings were texting on there phones and not even talking to each other.

    That’s the sad part, REAL human interaction is going the way of the Do-Do, as they say.

    However, I do love having my twitter and blogging community so… there’s that… 😉

    Amazing Angie, thanks for sharing!!

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    This video made me happy to a part of social media. I find that many still need to be convinced of the power that social media carries but this video illustrates it very clearly. I’ll have to check out the data sources. Sometimes slick videos stretch the truth. Thank you for posting this.

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