Snow Day Declared

Apparently, it doesn’t take much snow to get a Snow Day declared here. My kids love it…….no school. Just wait until they find out they can just tack this day on to the school year in June, though.


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    girlytwins says

    So beautiful! We keep hoping the snow will fall as low as us. It does every few years but so far just the surrounding mountains have been blessed. Have fun!

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    Kristin says

    So funny. I don’t even remember the last time there was a snow day in UT. I guess we just have more plows and salt?

  3. 47

    Tamara says

    no kidding! We are already adding a week onto the end of our school year because of snow days! Oh well. It’s still fun to have an unexpected day off from the school routine.

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    Are You Serious! says

    That cracks me up!!! We now have 6 inches of snow maybe more… But the roads where horrible and I even saw a bus that had slid sideways and was stuck… In the process of being pulled out and they still never cancelled school! 🙂

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    Cecily R says

    We had that much plus a few inches this morning. I want a snow day. I mean a mom-snow day. I want to do nothing but snuggle and watch stupid romantic comedies. And not feel guilty about it. Sigh. Not going to happen anytime soon.

    Have fun in the snow!!

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    I'm AZ says

    Even though I’ve been out of grade school for 30 years, I still remember the excitement of a snow day!! They’re awesome.

  7. 85

    Mark and Kiss says

    Ha, ha, ha! We had a snow day today too! I think its because the city does not own plows, so they don’t know what do….Oh well. It was a fun day.

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    Jocasta and Wayne says

    So beautiful. Am quite jealous as we don’t get snow here – cold and wind yes but no snow (other parts of NZ does so we could go and visit). I think it would be amazing to have proper seasons and really see the world change instead of just it’s colder or warmer!

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    We also keep supplies ready at all times beasuce we live in central FL in the hurricane zone. We keep food, water, first aid kits for ourselves and the doggies. We also keep all our meds ready to go in a waterproof container with our name and address on it right near our firebox with all our important papers. This is a great article, thanks for sharing.

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    I work in Olathe and live at 43rd and Oak. My neighborhood was fine, but as soon as I got to Broadway on 43rd, I could see that cars were stuck all the way down 43rd (both ways), so I truend around. Always good to have zero traffic flow right by St Luke’s. I’ll work from home for a couple hours.

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