How to Make a Snake Braid – {tutorial}

How to Make a Snake Braid is easier than you may think.  My daughter made this quick video tutorial to show you how, and if you follow her easy instructions, you’ll be making a Snake braid in a few minutes flat!

Snake Braid

How to Make a Snake Braid

snake braid

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    Olivia Garnett Jenkins says

    WOW! Love the Snake braid thanks for showing us it’s awsome and I mean amazing your great well done.

  2. 6


    At first it looked really hard but then I tried it on my mum and it actually looked really nice! And a message to all the haters: “What’s the point of you watching these videos if you know you just want to criticize them?!? You probably think you’re so tough because people read your pointless comments! Well sweethearted haters, that’s not how it works in these days! Peace!


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