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    Amy says

    Oh I do this all of the time.. I talked in my sleep when I was in high school. My friends would laugh at me when they slept over..

    Have a great weekend.

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    Kelly Deneen says

    How do you even sleep??? Oh my word. My brother used to talk/walk in his sleep, but it happened randomly and not too often.

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    Swirl Girl says

    My older daughter sleep talks and sleep walks! Once she came downstairs – walked right up to Hubby and said …"sandy beaches" then drank his water and went back up stairs. She had no recollection of it at all.

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    •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says

    Mat talks in his sleep … well, more like when he wakes up early and is so out of it! I want to put a notebook by the bed and write down all the nonsense he says. It's hilarious. Makes no sense, usually says something related to a game he played the night before. And he never remembers what he's said later on LOL

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    Vierra and Bianca says

    i do and so does my daughter!

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    The Lady's Lounge says

    I used to try and get info from my husband when he was sleeping like that…

    Him: "That's the box with the fish on it..ha ha.."
    Me: "ha ha.. that's funny are getting me for Christmas?"
    Him: "He has a beard…ha ha..the fish has a beard"

    Yeah, it never worked.

  7. 7

    girlytwins says

    Haha. I love this. I am a sleep talker. I wake myself up sometimes talking 🙂 Mostly Tony says I talk jibberish but maybe he is piling up some amo to get hold hostage LOL.

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