I wasn’t supposed to tell, but I have a hard time with secrets…….good ones, that is. A fun little surprise will appear on my blog tomorrow. At least I think so. Something I’ve never done before. Be sure to leave loads of comments.


  1. 1

    that girl (shelly) says

    practicing my commenting skillz for tomorrow… sound exciting…

    Grabbed your button, too, its a full service morning.

  2. 10

    Veggie Mom says

    Ooooooohhh…I love surprises, too–and I’m not very good at keeping them, either! I’ll be back tomorrow–meanwhile, I’m off now to Blog Around the World–come visit soon to see how you can go, too!

  3. 11

    Mekhismom says

    Can’t wait to see. I hope you can stop by my blog tomorrow because I will have an award waiting for you.

  4. 12

    Rhea says

    Oh, you tease! You’ve got me all excited and worked up and nothing to do but wait…


    Can’t wait! I have a surprise tomorrow too…

  5. 19

    mannequin says

    A secret can only be a secret for as long as it is a secret. In theory, this is no longer a secret. Even though we do not know what the secret is.

  6. 21

    Stephanie says

    It’s tomorrow…where’s the secret? I can’t wait….

    Pregnant? Contest? You have a writing being published? Hmmmm…

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