She made my day…..

with 6 small words.
“thank you, mama”
“I love you”
when I covered her up this morning.

The simple gratitude of my slumbering child brought magic to my heart.


  1. 17

    triplet mama says

    I can’t wait for the day to hear my kids say “I love you!”
    What a lucky mama you are:)

  2. 46

    Shannon says

    Those moments have a way of making every frustration, irritation and negative thought disapear. Those moments remind us that it is ALL worth it- better than worth it, a pleasure! Love it!

  3. 72


    I saw it on pinterest!! How extciing! Congrats my dear Three kids!! Joe and I are talking about number 3, but I want to get Oliver’s first year under my belt. I’m do happy for your adorable family.

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