Resolutions, anyone?

I used to hate resolutions. Never made them, certainly never kept any that I loosely thought about.

Last year for the first time, I decided to really commit to following through with A resolution. Yep, A resolution. Only one. I thought it would be best to start slow.

I actually DID follow through with my resolution and felt great about it the whole year. Still do.

So, this year, I have THREE very serious resolutions, and a few that won’t take much effort. I’m pretty sure I have it in me to keep them, but wish me luck.

WISHING you a year of growth, health and strength!

And to my eldest peanut, who just happened to turn 9 today, I love you with all my heart!


  1. 1

    Clark Captions says

    What???? You are going to leave us in suspense and not tell us what they are???? O.k. then, good luck this year with your 3 serious, and 3 not so serious. We will just look forward to what they are at the end of the year! (hopefully they will be revealed!) I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. 2

    Miss Anne says

    happpppiest new year mama!

    happiest birthday to your oldest peanut!

    great job on the resolutions!

    may 2009 bring you much joy and peace!

  3. 3

    Jenni Jiggety says

    Happy New Year, Angie! Good luck with your resolutions!!!!!
    And happy 9th birthday to your oldest! My oldest will be turning 9 in a couple weeks, too! (Wah!)

  4. 4

    Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    So, yeah, I’m a little curious too….but either way…good luck with your 3 resolutions!!

    Happy Birthday to your oldest…

    And of course Happy New Year, may 2009 bring you much joy and happiness!!

  5. 5

    Ronda's Rants says

    I did really easy ones this year…with the expectation that I will keep them!
    I hope you have a wonderful blessed New Year!

  6. 7

    Heather says

    I am totally needing to make my resolution what you made yours for 2008. Seriously, honey, it’s bad. Something tells me I’m not going to have the same results that you did. Because you already starting out looking amazing. And that was an unfair advantage. Why can’t you still live up the hill from me so I could hire you to be my coach?

  7. 8

    Mark and Kiss says

    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope she has a great day celebrating! It is always fun for the whole family when someone has a birthday.

    Wishing you luck with your resolutions….I will need a little more than that to keep mine! Ha ha ha.

  8. 9

    Becoming Me says

    Happy Happy New year to you and Happy B-day to your elder peanut! I always love visiting your blog. I’m not doing resolutions this year…I always break em.

  9. 11

    •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• says

    Happy New Year to you!
    I normally don’t do resolutions either, but I decided to work on being an even better friend this year.

    Happy birthday to your little Capricorn kid! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. 14

    rachael says

    i usually spend so long trying to choose my new year’s resolutions that by the time i figure out what i want to chance it feels too late. so a few years ago i made the decision that a new year’s resolution can be made at any point during the year when i feel i need change and that’s what i do now! good luck with yours and happy new year!

    and happy birthday to your oldest!

  11. 17

    mommaof4wife2r says

    u’ll have to check out my reality resolutions…pj pants and eating breakfast a few days a week. bad. love it!

  12. 18

    Jay @halftime lessons says

    I do have one that I have not said out loud yet, so this is as good a chance as any…

    Especially when it comes to my kids, I am really going to try to remember that…whatever it is, it is not about me.

    Thanks my resolution for the year.

    Wish me luck.

  13. 19

    Melissa says

    My resolutions are on my blog, you can check them out there…but the keyword this year seems to be MORE!

    Happy New Year!

  14. 21

    Kristin says

    Happy new year. Can you slip and just reveal one of the resolutions? Maybe a not so serious one? Please!

  15. 22

    Elaine A. says

    I think three resolutions are manageable. That’s how many I posted today! ; )

    Happy Birthday to your sweet peanut!

  16. 23

    Cristin says

    What? We don’t get to her what the resolutions are? You’re no fun..well, good luck!!

    Happy New Year!

  17. 25

    Adelaine says

    Well congrats on resolution A! I have no resolutions this year 🙂

    Happy #9! We too will have a 9 year old this year – time flies!

  18. 26

    Kacey R. says

    Good luck with your 3 resolutions this year. From A resolution to 3 is quite a leap (at least it would be for me – LOL). I made A resolution this year, and I wasn;t going to make any. So, I'm wishing you luck on your 3 and I hope I make it with my humble one. ;>) Happy New Year!

  19. 27

    Kelsey says

    Good luck with your 3! I’m going to make my one pretty soon (yes, I realize that you’re supposed to make them before the New Year lol).

    Happy Birthday to your oldest Peanut. Nine is a fun age!

  20. 29

    CaJoh says

    I also do not tell people my resolution until after the year has started and I know I am being successful with it.

    Good luck with your new three. Perhaps you can let us know what your one resolution from last year was.

  21. 30

    Jennifer P. says

    I resolved to not resolve this year, but that in itself is a bit of a resolution, isn’t it ;)?!

    So good to see your page pop up again. I have so missed blogging!!! Darn computer!

  22. 34

    Shannon says

    Not sharing?? I would love to know your resolutions. I didn’t do any this year. I just came up with the word for 2009. Seemed to work for me last year:) Happy new year my friend and Happy, happy birthday to Miss Grace. Only a few more years till we have start planning a wedding!

  23. 35

    Jennifer says

    Congratulations on keeping your resolution and for making 3 this year. I made a resolution this year, my first one ever.

    Happy Birthday to your eldest. 🙂

  24. 36

    Rhonda says

    So you’re leaving us with that, are you??? lol!

    Good luck on your resolutions, and all the best to you in 2009!!! You deserve it!

  25. 37

    Amy says

    Angie, I didn’t know that about your mom. That’s terrible. You know in your gut when something is wrong…

    And I’m sorry that YOU were chased. People do really strange things.

    I hope you are already having a great year. I love reading your blog. Thank you.


  26. 38

    Aubrey says

    Happy Birthday to your oldest peanut!

    Boo on your for teasing us with your resolutions! LOL Just kidding!

  27. 40

    WheresMyAngels says

    Happy Late Birthday to your son!

    My resolution is to finish the email I started to you 4 days ago (or mabye it was more.

    Happy New Year!

  28. 42

    Allison says

    Happy New Year, Angie! I haven’t really thought about my resolution other than to be an even more involved mother and be sure to get quality one on one time with both my kids on a daily basis!

  29. 44

    Veggie Mom says

    First off, Happy Birthday to the Eldest Peanut! As far as resolutions go, I make them, I break them, I follow a few, I forget many. Ah, well, that’s what the New Year is for, correctamundo? BTW, I’ve got a Giveaway goin’ on at my place…please drop by and put some POP! in your New Year!

  30. 45

    Mandy says

    The best of luck with your resolutions! Mine mostly consist of books I want to finish! A long list of books to read…which means less blogging I suppose! 🙂

  31. 46

    Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit says

    I’m a little torn on the whole resolution thing. When I don’t follow through I end up feeling defeated. But…there are a few areas in my life that I really want to see some change, so I’m thinking I’ll committ to working on at least one area. Best wishes to you in this New Year and in keeping your resolutions.

    Happy belated birthday to your oldest. I hope it was a very happy day!

  32. 50

    avtcoach says

    Three is a challenge..hope to hear more about them in the year. Hope your family is well, enjoying the birthday and back to a fun routine!

  33. 51

    Live.Love.Eat says

    While I am not huge on resolutions there is always one or two things I like to change just in time for the new year. Good luck on yours!!!!!!!

  34. 54

    Eudea-Mamia says

    You’re such a tease!!

    But I trust you to do well with all three, even if you don’t have us to keep you accountable 😉

    Happy Birthday to the Oldest!!

  35. 55

    Jaime says

    Happy Birthday to Grace! My oldest will be 8 this year and I can’t believe it!
    Good luck with your resolutions, I have a few goals for myself this year, as well.

  36. 56

    Emily says

    I have a few in my mind.. but didnt write them down this year… stay healthy and eat healthy…. continue to workout at least 3 times a week and bring my hubby along with me….:_
    What are yours?

  37. 57

    Chris Wood says

    “Eldest peanut” – that’s a great phrase.

    My resolution for this year is to drink more, do less and get fatter.

    I’m a realist.

  38. 58

    Honey Mommy says

    I chose just three goals this year too. I am hoping it works out for me!

    Someone commented on my blog saying she likes to call them New Year’s Dreams… and I’ve decided that I like that!

    Good luck with your dreams this year!

  39. 59

    Kally says

    Good luck with your resolutions. You’ll do great!

    Happy Birthday to the oldest peanut! (a little late) I hope she had a fun-filled day.

  40. 60

    Alicia says

    Wow..that is awesome! I think you are the only person who I know kept their resolution! I’m excited to hear about what your 3 are for this new year!

  41. 61

    Heather says

    I haven’t made any resolutions this year. Too busy… I should resolve to blog less and clean more. I just can’t bring myself to do it, though.

  42. 66

    Deb says

    i like the idea of fewer resolutions and greater commitment. i started late last year (october!), but am doing a FAIRLY good job of sticking with one of my resolutions… surrendering control. it’s a biggie, and i may need to just stick with it as kind of a carry-over from last year. is that allowed?

  43. 68

    girlytwins says

    Good luck with your resolutions. I normally don’t have any although I really should. There are some things I would like to change 🙂

    Happy 2009 and an even happier birthday to Grace!!

  44. 70

    Laura says

    Happy Birthday to your darling Grace! Late I know.

    I think you are a wonderful determined woman… care to share your goals with me via email. I need some of your kind of motivation.

  45. 71

    Connie says

    Happy happy birthday Grace!! I hope she had a wonderful day! Alexa turned 9 on the 3rd….we should compare notes sometime!! All the best with your resolutions!!

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