Rainbow Cupcake Themed Party {how-to}

How to Throw a Rainbow Cupcake Themed Birthday Party can be the easiest tween themed party ever.  Of all the Themed Birthday Parties I’ve thrown, this was the easiest, because it only involved one event (a cupcake decorating bar) and a few cute inexpensive decorations at my home!  It’s been my experience that the older the children get, the less “stuff” they want at their party, and so a cupcake party with an outside outing (in this case getting manicures at a salon) was the perfect party plan.  To throw a rainbow cupcake themed birthday party all you need is a cute banner, a few varieties of candy and of course cupcakes.  It’s easy peasy!



Rainbow Cupcake Themed Party
The decorations for a rainbow cupcake themed party is as simple as hanging a banner, filling some dishes with candy to decorate the cupcakes with and displaying the cupcakes.  I used fishbowls that I purchased at the $1 store to put the candy toppings in and sprinkled candy around the table cloth for extra color and fun.  I found the rainbow banner online and paid a few dollars for the file to download.


Rainbow Cupcake Themed Party

Cool Whip Frosting

The secret to good frosting is Cool Whip Frosting.  Seriously, I will never use anything else.  It’s the perfect consistency to pipe onto your cupcakes and tastes good too!  You can add food coloring to the frosting if you want it colored.  It also comes in chocolate flavor.


It seems like every tween wants to go somewhere, and for this tweens birthday, she wanted to take her friends to get a professional manicure and to dinner.  It was the perfect combination of big kid outing meets fun at home and I highly recommend a combo party like this for this age.  Plus, it’s always fun to hold on to the parties for as long as you can, right?

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