Pumpkin Muffin Recipe {2 Ingredient}

If you are looking for an easy Pumpkin Muffin Recipe that uses just 2 Ingredients then this is the recipe for you.  It just happens to be low fat, moist {without using oil} and delicious and since it’s so easy it gets my highest recommendation.

Pumpkin Muffins


Low Fat Pumpkin Muffin Recipe {2 Ingredient}

  • Spice Cake Mix
  • 15 oz can of Pumpkin
  • Optional:  Pecan Chips for topping


  • Preheat oven according to cake box directions.
  • Mix dry cake mix with can of pumpkin.
  • Scoop into cupcake liners in cupcake pan.
  • OPTIONAL:  sprinkle with pecan chips.
  • Bake for time specified on back of cake box.
  • ENJOY!

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

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