PSF-Blackberry Picking

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE blackberries? I mean love them? My big project this summer was to make a whole slew of blackberry jam. I just have one thing to say about my jam and then I’ll move on berry picking. Scrumdiddlyumptious. That’s the word for my jam, not berry picking.

And now onto blackberry picking. Have you ever done it? If not, it’s quite an experience. Especially when the sun is shining and all the fruit is warm and oozing with juice. We have a walking trail close to our home with wild blackberry bushes everywhere. We like to take advantage of the fruit, although it never quite comes “free”.

Blackberry picking isn’t the safest past time, but you know you’re in the right place if it looks like this:

If you want to get blackberry thorns in your hands, pick like this:

Paying attention is a must.

You know you’ve been successful if your hands look this this,

Your legs look like this,

And you and your sweaty kids look like this:

The real success though, is if your basket has anything in it…….like this:

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  1. 1

    Robin says

    Yum, I love blackberry jam! No blackberry bushes around here though. My mom took Itai picking for the first time when we were in the States, he had a ball.

  2. 8

    Melanie says

    As painful as it can be…my kids loved doing it this year and are excited to do it again…matter of fact, they were so giddy, they wanted to pick berries instead of swimming (what)?? Me..had a couple of trauma moments and will just live off their memory of it…Love the pictures..YUM!

  3. 9

    Simply AnonyMom says

    We have a huge overgrown wild and crazy blackberry bush growing in our side yard. Last year when the kids came in red from playing I freaked out thinking they had been beating eachother. Now when they come in purple and scratched I know they have been inthe side yard without permission.

    I agree the bush is painful, but the berries are a sweet treat for sure.

  4. 10

    mommaof4wife2r says

    yummo! i want more blackberries!!! now! i just got some last week from the farmers market and we ate them all in one day. sadly, my hands looked like yours just cleaning them. i’m messy! ha!

    oh, and you look fab with your hair down! and, of course, those kiddos are just darling!

  5. 12

    Susan says

    Wow, you just too me way back. My grandpa used to have blackberry bushes in his yard and we loved going out and gathering berries. I am so envious that you have them near you. I would love to make some homemade jam after doing all that glorious picking. Enjoy your scrudillyumptious jam!

  6. 13

    sassy stephanie says

    We have lots of berry farms up in heyah. Love ’em. Not many make it into the house though…eaten before then.

  7. 14

    Kacey Randolph says

    Some of my best memories of my Grandmas’s house was picking blackberries to bring them back to her to make cobbler. Oh it was so yummy and of course I thought it was so yummy because I picked the berries! Ha! Ha! Great PSF.

  8. 15

    Cracker Scraps says

    TFS all those beautiful pictures! We don’t have any berries except strawberries here in the Sunshine state! Love your BLOG layout!

    Here’s a little Sista lovin’ and a big hug for you!

  9. 16

    Candy says


    [when I first read the title, I though maybe you went phone shopping for a new Blackberry…he…he…]

    GREAT pics!!

  10. 17

    Jonny's Mommy says

    I have not been blackberry picking in so long.

    I’d probably scratch myself all up.Plus, I always ate them before we even got home….


  11. 19

    Becoming Me says

    Oh…I so wish I was with you picking those berries. I love ripe blackberries. It’s been a long time since I picked my own.

  12. 22

    Tiaras & Tantrums says

    the first picture of the berries . . . my mouth literally started to water! ARGH!! I love these suckers! We used to have a bunch of these on my grandma’s farm – and I would stand out there – eating all I could – my grandma shouting out the window – just pick – qui eating so many!! Hilarious – my fingers were stained forever in the summer!!

  13. 23

    Neil says

    Those look amazing! Have you ever had homemade blackberry ice cream? Best. Flavor. Ever. You should try it if you have enough of your bounty left over!

  14. 25

    Cecily R says

    I have seriously fun memories of blackberry picking when I was a kid. Your pictures (even the gnarly ones) make me want to find a patch and go picking with my kids right this minute!! Hmmm…I wonder how I go about finding one…

  15. 26

    Good N Crazy says

    How great. Especially the happy kids at the end. Yikes on the scratches/slashes!

    They tell me there are great! blackberry places here, but haven’t found ’em???

  16. 27

    Rachel Ann says

    I love blackberries!!! We used to pick them all the time as kids!

    I’m here via Tiffany’s blog where she encouraged everyone to tell you that you are pretty, smart, generous and funny!!

  17. 28

    Jaime says

    Mmmmmm…Those do look yummy! I honestly don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of eating a blackberry. I must be missing out:(

  18. 29

    raising4boys says

    Beautiful PSF! I have fond memories of huckleberry picking with my family on Labor Day as well as picking raspberries in my Great-Grandma’s yard. The battle wounds look very familiar.

  19. 33

    mannequin says

    Those smiles and that time spent together (not to mention the blackberries!) make all those scratches inconsequential, huh?
    Yum. Breakfast at your house sounds good.
    We pick blueberries and strawberries here and soon we’ll go to the punkin patch!
    Nice post Angie; good to see you lookin not so perfect! But you still look cute, stains and all.

  20. 34

    thotlady says

    I came over via Tiffany of the SITS fame. I have visited before, though I can’t remember if I have ever commented.

    Love the site.

  21. 35

    Autumn says

    I LOVE berry picking! Kids always seem to have a blast (and big kids like us!). You have such a beautiful family – these are great shots of you all!

  22. 36

    Kristin says

    JEALOUS! I love blackberries! They make the best shakes, and free is free. Labor never counts. My gram used to go up there every year, Tak lives in Seattle, and pick berries on the highway for jam, and pies, and cobbler! My mouth is watering!

  23. 37

    Live.Love.Eat says

    May I borrow that sometime – Scrumdiddlyumptious. LOVE it. I’ve never gone blackberry pickin’ but you make it look like something I’d like to do.

  24. 38

    2 Green Eyed Girls says

    I took my daughters blackberry picking last year for the first time and then we made jam that was AWESOME to say the least. My 4 year old still goes over the activities of that day whenever I take a new jar out of the freezer (freezer jam is awesome!). I’m new to your blog and just spent the last 20 minutes flipping between your blog and the link to the monoamniotic twins site. You’re a strong, smart and sassy woman and I’m so happy for your beautiful family.

  25. 39

    Clark Captions says

    LOVE it!!!! Oh I so wish we had something like that by our house….I bet your jam was absolutely delectable! MMMMmmmmm!

  26. 40

    CanCan says

    I love blackberries! I usually only pick like ten at a time though. Short attention span I guess…
    Way to stick to it!

  27. 41

    Melissa says

    I love blackberries and berry picking is so much fun-lots of memory making!

    I am sent here from Tiffany’s. Letting you know that you are pretty, smart, funny and generous! I love the design of your blog, you have a beautiful family!

  28. 43

    Tracy says

    feel free to send some of that jam to your momo mom friends – especially those who can’t seem to win any give aways. lol
    seems like, though hot, your kids enjoyed it all!

  29. 47

    MamaGeek says

    I LOVE blackberries (the technical gadget AND the fruit variety) and they are SO expensive in the store, so it pays to pick and get scratched along the way!

  30. 49

    Migraine Mom says

    I love blackberries! We went blueberry picking in the spring…not as hazardous but just as messy! I made blueberry jam and I am coveting my last jar…I should have made more!

  31. 50

    Stephanie says

    mmmmm…de – lis – e – us!! I don’t know how you made it home with any for jam! I would be eating them as I picked!

  32. 51

    Jauna says

    i love blackberries, ate them all the time growing up. i miss it! i hope you guys enjoy it and your hands dont stay dyed. ours always did!

  33. 52

    Jennifer P. says

    One of these days I will get over my fear of twisted, congested freeways and move to the pacific NW—just for the blackberries and the bunnies that always seem to live in the blackberry thickets 🙂

    And you MUST take pictures of your jam when it’s done!!!

  34. 56

    Molly says

    Every year around this time, my mom would take us blackberry picking up at these country lanes (in the very heart of England!) and we loved it. We would collect loads and loads and she would make a million pies. And we would get to walk by Jeff Lynn’s house (from ELO, you know the ones who sang Mr Blue Sky) and we always would want to go and knock on his door but our mom wouldn’t let us!

  35. 60

    Veggie Mom says

    We love blackberries over here, too! Love the photos–only wish we had some blackberry bushes nearby, so we could enjoy ourselves this much!

  36. 61

    Kathleen says

    Oh this brings back the memories! We had wild blackberry and raspberry bushes behind our childhood home. I don’t think I realized how special that was until I saw a teeny carton of blackberries for $4.99 at a grocery store. Your kids will remember those pickings forever.

  37. 62

    Tash says

    cool I was thinking by your title that you were getting a blackberry pdf/phone or something ha ha but this looks fun in the earthy blackberrry way I guess these days peoiple can get way out of touch ha ha

  38. 64

    WheresMyAngels says

    You know in this day and age, I saw teh title on my blog roll and thought you were talking about a phone! lol

    I’m hungry now! I want cobbler.

  39. 67

    Karen says

    I love blackberry jam and blackberry pie and blackberry crumble and all of the abve with apple added into it !!!

    Not many chances to go blackberying here in Reno, but we used to do it all the time back in New Zealand. i still bea the scars!

  40. 68

    Vicki says

    Yum and Yum!!! But watch out for the snakes as well. I remember picking blackberries with my stepmom once. It was a lot of work, but the end result was so delicious!

  41. 69


    I think the real success is in avoid snakebites! My dad once told me that rattlesnakes like blackberries. Made me verrrrrry cautious!

  42. 70

    2 Green Eyed Girls says

    Me again – I know I already commented on this post, but I thought you might enjoy the recipe I invented last night – Blackberry Viniagrette! It was really yummy and super fast. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send it on over.

  43. 71

    MoziEsmé says

    Yummy! I love blackberries and am very homesick now for those horrid blackberry bushes that were taking over my yard in Oregon.

  44. 72

    les_mason_curt says

    awww, i love black berries and a fresh pie to go along with… when are you available, i am heading on over to start on that pie…. have a great tuesday!

  45. 73

    Rebecca says

    This looks like great fun! We’ll be doing something similar in a few days with friends! Doesn’t the fall just bring so much to look forward too?

  46. 74

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    That looks like fun and oh so yummy too! I’ve never picked blackberries but I have done my fair share of huckleberry picking ….. biggest problem I eat more than gets in the basket! 🙂

  47. 76

    Bonnie the Boss says

    Angie! those berries look amazing. My jam is scrupdiddlydumptious as well. Nothing beats fresh berry jam! I am so sorry that your berry picking experience wasn’t as delightful as mine.

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