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Before you read on, you must hop over and read what Octamom has to say about birth order here.
Now then. I’ll continue.
I love hearing about birth order.
There are documented, “scientifically” based studies on birth order and they’ve published studies that articulate their findings.
I personally love the idea that traits can be assigned to the First, Second and Third born.
But wait.
What happens when there are more than 3?
Compartmentalizing individuals is a really great idea.
Takes the guessing right out of the game.
I mean, we no longer need to wait for our children’s personalities to develop if they are the First, Second or Third born. We already know what characteristics will define them.
That’s the real reason we had more.
We wanted a surprise.
Sure our kids fit right into a mold.
I’ve been wondering. If there are multiples, who is the true baby of the group? That’s the real question.

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Birth Order Prompt Hosted by Octamom


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    stefanie says

    The birth order thing doesn’t work for us. My kids have one or two of the traits, and they are total opposites on the others.

    Maybe that’s because their parents follow the same pattern.

    Love love love the pics. I just discovered that filter the other day! It’s buried somewhere in my cheapo version of photoshop, and it will probably take me another couple of years to find it again.

  2. 5

    Jen says

    When I was reading this, I was thinking the same thing. How does this work for multiples? Are the babies considered a set and therefore the youngest or do we take their individual birth order. Interesting, I think I am going to think on it and then maybe post on it later.

  3. 6

    Veggie Mom says

    My oldest acts like the baby a lot of the time, while my youngest is forging ahead, behaving as a first-born should do. And, much of the time, they’re behaving like “middle children.” Go figure!

  4. 7

    Mandy says

    My kids do not fit the birth order at all. My first fits the second description to a T. Interesting and fascinating though.

    Love the pic of your shivering baby!

  5. 8

    Casey's trio says

    This is interesting. Alyssa(#2) and Riley (#3) show some of the traits, but I’m not sure about Makena. And who is the baby of the group? Riley acts like the ringleader most of the time…

  6. 11

    Cristin says

    I’ll have to refresh my memory on the birth order thing… I’m #5 out of 6 children, I’m pretty sure that makes me a sarcastic bitch right??

  7. 12

    Melanie says

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia..tehe!! I am smack in the middle and do agree with how birth order affects us. Thanks for the cute pictures and your post.

  8. 14

    raising4boys says

    very cute pictures! I had to laugh about the birth order. My third is so a risk taker (3 broken bones) and is our family clown.

    I like what you said about after 3 you have to be surprised 🙂

  9. 15

    the schirano triplets says

    i adore the pictures angie!

    there is a lot to be studied about birth order, but i think the emphasis should be placed more on the parents rather than the children’s personalities. i think the expectations and learning curve parents have for their children changes as they grow older (and wiser) and that has to have an effect on the kids. don’t you think? but that doesn’t necessarily dictact certain characteristics or personality traits…

    ok, i’ll stop now. what do i know anyway?! 🙂

  10. 16

    Tiaras & Tantrums says

    cute pictures – I read that as well – so funny – after 3 or four – the birth order is supposed to start over?? Go figure – no instructions on my little hatchlings!

  11. 18

    Cecily R says

    Hmmmm….you are always making me think about stuff I normally wouldn’t. I love that!

    This works for Isaac (for the most part). Gracie is a lot A LOT like me. And I am a pretty good cross between second and third. Where does that leave Evie?

  12. 19

    Live.Love.Eat says

    I’m always happy while I am here visiting you, you know that. Could be the awesome pictures. The kiddos are always so sweet looking. My knowledge is poor on the birth thing so I will have to read Octamom’s later. We only have one so that means SPOILED. ha ha.

  13. 20

    Angie says

    What a bunch of cutie-pies! Makes me wish I had more! Sometimes it really bothers me that my child bearing days are over BUT I did it so I have to live with it. It really is too bad that we can’t go back in time and change some things.
    Anyway, I’m a first born of 4 and a lot like the decription!

    I’m having a give away today….

  14. 21

    Jaime says

    Way cute pics!
    I guess I have never thought about this before. While reading Octamom’s post, I was somewhat surprised that my oldest 2 fit the profile almost exactly! Not sure on my girls, though…:)

  15. 23

    Mark and Kiss says

    You know our first three….its uncanny how they fit the description. Wonder why? I think the ‘schirano triplets’ comment probably has a lot to do with it, our parenting, expectations, and attention changes as each child is added to the pot, then you have each distinct personality that can throw that all out the window like with octamom. Hmmmmm…..

    I love the children’s pictures.

  16. 24

    Munchkins and Music says

    Very interesting post. Those are good questions because there were more than 3 kids in my family growing up!

  17. 26

    Elaine A. says

    Well, the characteristics she highlights on the other blog are true for my oldest for sure.

    However, with my three older brothers it’s not quite so “textbook.” The first and third boy seem to be switched with my siblings. Funny, huh?

  18. 27

    Vicki says

    Have you read Kevin Leman’s Birth Order book? It’s fascinating about how accurately you can predict personalities. I can’t remember what he said about multiples though.

  19. 28

    Jo-Jo says

    I love your pictures! They are absolutly beautiful! Is it the birth order for the mom or the birth order for the dad or the birth order for the new parents. Where would my stepson fit in? Hummm.

  20. 29

    Octamom says

    Love it! Love it!–the pics, the thoughts! Yeah, who is the baby?–although I betmy 8 of 8 is gonna fight hard for the designation!


  21. 30

    Jonny's Mommy says

    I always thought it was odd to try to define how a children would be based on their birth order.

    Love the photos and what an interesting thought on it all.

  22. 33

    Kristin says

    spoken like a true third child, or baby of the family, hehehehe
    I think there is some truth to it, I mean first kids are remarkably similar, or maybe there USED to be truth to it, but obviously, it’s not universal. These days, I think kids are breaking molds all over the place. Saving the most valiant for last? I am exactly the description of the first. In my family it holds pretty true, and in my own little family, so far. If you are intrigued with this subject, do a google search of indigo or crystal children. Fascinating, and has nothing to do with your birth order.

  23. 35

    Carrie says

    I do love this post I think that the birth order is a really interesting subject. I love oyur pictures. Your children are really cute.

  24. 36

    AVT Coach says

    As you know I posted about this too. Your post is great and those pictures! So glad that you and Octamom can prove the “theorists” wrong with your own case studies!
    Great post!

  25. 37

    Chris says

    Well, I’d like to think I don’t fit into these categories, but I’ve got to tell you, they nailed my three kids – to a tee.

  26. 38

    Migraine Mom says

    I’m sure I’ve said it before and I promise I am not being a stalker…but your children are gorgeous! Love the pictures! and they are all your “babies” no matter the birth order!

  27. 39

    Neil says

    I’m an only child … they have to write whole books about “our kind!”

    Love the photos … especially the first one with the cowboy hat and boots. Too, too cute!

  28. 40

    Jessica says

    My husband is a therapist (MFT) and has studied birth order and shared it’s finding with me. Great questions, since different situations (like multiples) or divorce/mixed families make interpretation more difficult. Love your pics..Great PSF!

  29. 41

    Cecilia says

    What an interesting subject! I’m not sure I like the characteristics of #3, so maybe I should just stick to the two I already have. We’ll see!
    Great PSF!

  30. 42

    Akelamalu says

    I’m of the opinion it only applies if there are 3 children. I only have two and they don’t follow the pattern, but I am the eldest of 3 and we certainly did. Interesting subject. 🙂

  31. 43

    Shannon says

    I am soooo a middle child. I fit all of the descriptions to a T. Kind of sad that I couldn’t muster the strength to buck the system. Oh well.

    Brian and I always say that having twins last was the greatest thing because there is no baby. Although Grace sort of took over that position on her own. Funny because technically, she is the youngest. Wierd!

  32. 44

    Taya says

    I have read that before somewhere and I agree with Octamom, it’s all a bunch of hooey! My kiddos don’t even come close to hitting the mark! Great family pictures btw.

  33. 45

    Mekhismom says

    I love the photos and the effects. I only have one and he may end up being an only like me. From my experience only children do act like first borns.

  34. 46

    CanCan says

    I’m the oldest. So far my first born seems to be a “text book” youngest. Hmm. What can that mean? My second is what I call a “sweetie pie”. That is scientific language.

  35. 47

    Laurie says

    That only fits 1/2 of each of my kids. I guess they forgot the rest of the picture. oh well, I guess my kids just break the mold. 🙂
    love your posts. I am going to post soon I hope. much news to see.

  36. 48

    Threeundertwo says

    My kids don’t fit the mold at all. The oldest acts like the oldest, but then the twins change roles all the time. I don’t really have a baby or a middle child.

  37. 49

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    I’m the oldest of the 2nd half of the family! Which makes me # 5 of eight.
    For some of the traits I agree but others… nope, no way!
    Fun post, way to rise up to the challenge and address the subject! 🙂
    I totally love the 3rd to the last photo! Such an intense look!

  38. 51

    Aubrey says

    I know I can always count on seeing amazing photos when I visit! Once again, you’ve got some great ones!

    Interesting post on birth order from Octamom. I’m not sure what to think about it. Sometimes I feel my 3 fit the mold yet other times, not so much. Hmmm…

  39. 52

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    You’r going to have to go into detail about your kids birth order. How they act and their personalities etc. I’d love to hear it

  40. 53

    Debra says

    It will be interesting to see which of the twins will be the baby. Mine seem to switch off at this point. Olivia still WANTS to be the baby, but I don’t want Emma as the middle child! LOL

  41. 54

    armyfamilyok says

    Your family is beautiful!! I don’t know about birth order. I have one blessing and she’s an angel. That’s not my prejudice view, that’s what everyone tells me after they meet her. I often wonder what more would be like, then I know that my family is the way that it’s intended to be. I do love seeing other wonderful happy families though. Kids are so adorable!!

  42. 55

    MommyWizdom says

    Hmn, there are always exceptions to the rule, but I have to agree on this one. My son is an obvious second child – so much so that it scares me! I watch my two kids interact and I can see why one is the first and the other is the second – it’s divine!

    Thanks for such a great post!!

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