Keeping Lunch Fun with Piggy Shaped Nutella Sandwich

One way to put the fun in lunch for your kids is to cut their food into fun shapes.  My kids love to open their lunch boxes and find their food cut into non-traditional shapes, especially if it means the crust has been cut off the bread.  It doesn’t take a ton of extra time to keep lunch fun with shapes, so why not give it a try?

These 27 Best Recipes as Lunch Foods for Kids has some great ideas and if that’s not enough then these 14 pages of Crafty Lunch Ideas also on Tip Junkie are fabulous as well.  That’s where Emma and I got our ideas.  If you’ll remember, she’s my lunch helper, so of course, she’s in on keeping lunch fun with shapes!

We tried our hand at making a Piggy shaped Nutella Sandwich which went over VERY well.  Sometimes you just have to make something fun and tasty and throw in carrot sticks or something to make it healthy.  🙂

Here’s How to Make Them:

Step 1:  Rustle up some bread, Nutella, three different sized cups, a bread knife, and a straw.

Step 2:  Cut bread into 3 different sizes of circles with cups.

Step 3:  Spread Nutella on the two smaller pieces of bread.  Cut small triangles from crusts for ears.

Step 4:  Stack circles making “pig” body and then use straw to make pig snout holes.  Use knife or baggie life piping bag to decorate piggie with nutella.  Then serve to child for lunch!

Beyond Bologna Lunch Tips and Recipes:

Don’t forget to visit the other fabulous mamas participating in the Beyond Bologna Challenge this week.  They’ve got some amazing tips for “keeping it fun” for your kids school lunches.   Hostesses include SharonNicoleAmanda and Elaine!  Amazing recipe and tips alert!  

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