Photo Story Friday-Lady bugs

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
Did you know that Lady bugs are actually called Lady Bird Beetles?
Have you noticed an influx of them in your yard too?
I’ve actually never seen so many in one place before.
I asked my resident Lady bug experts (my girls) why these Lady Bird Beetles are orange. They both told me seperately that they thought they were adolescents. I thought it sounded plausible, but I decided to look it up just in case. As much as I wanted to believe adolescents are just orange and adults turn red, I found out that this particular species is a Asian Lady Bird Beetle. They were introduced to The States by the Department of Agriculture to help control Aphids. Since they don’t have natural predators here, they’ve flourished. And, they bite. Ours must be tame though (chuckle) because not one has dared to take a bite out of my little loves.

I don’t care if everytime I got outside one comes inside with me, or that they can bite. I like ’em anyway. And my kids do too. Thank you, Japan, for giving us some Lady Birds.


  1. 1

    MoziEsmé says

    They ARE pretty little bugs – I love them, too! Now if only Esme would give me some of those instead of the grasshoppers she loves.

  2. 2

    mannequin says

    This is a very controversial post.

    I like ladybugs but because I am unable to find precise information as to how they got their name, I’ve put them on my “avoid” list.
    I don’t like controversial bugs.

    On the other hand, a friend had an occasion; a summer of no ladybugs, when she ordered some from a nursery for her garden. It was the most beautiful sight! Swarms of color in her garden.

  3. 3

    Casey's trio says

    I love Ladybugs and so do my girls! I can remember catching them at school when I was in elementary school. I’ve never heard or known a ladybug to bit though!

  4. 4

    Melanie says

    I love ladybugs as well…If they do bite, they are ladies so it is more like a guybugs, watch out (silly te-he)! Great picture of the handful..they are my favorite. For rose bush lovers having them in your garden is heaven..!!

  5. 5

    Melissa says

    Thank you Japan, for the ladybugs. Now could you kindly take back your beetles? My landscaping would truly thank you!!

    Cute pics!

  6. 8

    Elizabeth says

    Ahh, lady bugs! This reminds me of college..we always had a ton of lady bugs in the dorms. I had no idea they could bite.

  7. 11

    sassy stephanie says

    My girls L.O.V.E. ladybugs. My first had a ladybug party when she turned three. Ladybug cake, napkins, plates, stickers, balloons, you name it. She is 7.5 now and still loves ’em. Funny thing too, she can find them ANYWHERE! She even used to find them under the pew in church!

  8. 12

    Laura says

    My girls love lady bugs. We don’t have as many as you do. They bite? Wow we never had that happen. Cute cute pictures!

    Did you get my email?

  9. 13

    Tiaras & Tantrums says

    Love ladybugs!!
    We have not had too many this year – strange! I think all the Japanese beetles in our trees ate them!

  10. 14

    Melissa says

    We were at the park the other day and there were tons of them just hanging around.
    This lady told us they bite and me and my mate had never heard of that or ever been bitten by one.
    Where did you hear they bite?
    And do they release anything? Or is it just a little nip?

  11. 15

    April says

    Lady bugs are the ONLY bug I will willingly touch. There is just something so sweet and innocent about them! Last night, a friend texted me a pic of her recent pedi where she had a lady bug painted on each big toe and right before her text…a lady bug flew down onto my couch!!! And now your post!! What is it with lady bugs lately?

  12. 17

    Octamom says

    So cute! I love ladybugs!

    And, hey, is that Spiderman back over at your house? I told you he lived here….;o)


  13. 18

    Good N Crazy says

    Cool. I came across those lovely Japanese beetles as my sister called them up in Wisconsin during October. they covered the whole back side of her house. And they would get inside the house something awful. she just vacuumed them up. which I thought was weird? But. Not my house.

  14. 20

    Autumn says

    I’ve never heard that they bite! I’ve literally walked with one on me for hours….er….that sounds weird, but I’ve never felt threatened and I always thought they were good luck. I still think I’ll stick with thinking that 🙂

    Cute shots!

  15. 23

    raising4boys says

    I’ve never seen that many all together before either. Lady bugs are so beautiful. Good to know that the orange ones can bite.

    Great pictures Angie!

  16. 24

    Mandy says

    Mannequin’s comment had me laughing–controversial bugs! Too funny!

    I love that you were teaching your kids about these bugs…I really need to work on that one. I have a tendency to either stomp on them or tell them to go ask their dad. 🙂

  17. 27

    Cristin says

    I had no idea that’s what they were really called. Our house is always infested with them… I have some pictures of Graham playing with and then dismembering one…

  18. 28

    Live.Love.Eat says

    Ladybugs are our friends. They’re sweet. And if they bite, they’re just love nibbles. (Thanks for your sweet comment on Chronicles of Mommy – made my day!)

  19. 29

    Susan says

    I am not a bug person, but for some reason I don’t mind ladybugs. My son thinks they are the greatest of God’s creations.

  20. 32

    Rachel says

    I had not idea that ladybugs bite. Hmmm you learn something new everyday. 🙂 My boys are collecting crickets right now. They are everywhere.


  21. 34

    Threeundertwo says

    We’ve definitely been bitten before! And I do remember reading somewhere that juveniles are more yellow or orange.

    I sometimes buy a swarm from the garden center to help control the aphids on my roses. Fun, but they fly away pretty quickly.

    Award for you at my place!

  22. 36

    Scary Mommy says

    I don’t like Lady Bugs at all, but they always seem to find me. My wedding day was oozing with them. I literally had to pluck them off all day. I took it as a good sign, bit was secretly grossed out!

  23. 38

    Simply AnonyMom says

    I never realized teh history of them. I remember gathering them when I was younger and getting bitten, but my mominsisted that they do not bite! I should forward her your blog so she knows I was right.

    I am glad you kids loved them too.

  24. 39

    Tracy says

    Ahh Ladybugs – how fun. There’s a few Sesame Street things with ladybugs – so my girls love them. I think they all bite – but rarely do – yeah.

  25. 40

    AVTCOACH says

    I like to watch the kids faces as they let them crawl all over. Something so gentle that is smaller than them! Plus they have dots!!!

  26. 41

    Migraine Mom says

    I love ladybugs too…just about as much as I love your boys red hair! i just want to squeeze them, they are just too cute!

  27. 42

    Jen says

    Hayden loves lady bugs and they are the only bug that I can tolerate if one lands on me. In other words, I don’t run screaming in the opposite direction if one comes near me.

  28. 44

    Stephanie says

    I do not like these Asian beetles! We’ve had them around here for several years, and every fall they come in swarms. All of a sudden they’re in the house all gathered on the windows. They DO bite, and it always makes me itch! They also put off some horrible smell if you touch them. Take a sniff of the kids’ hands next time! Red ladybugs – fine by me 🙂 Orange, Asian beetles, you can stay with Angie’s family 🙂 😉

  29. 45

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I love Lady bugs. They are so pretty, and I always think of that movie “A Bugs Life.” Your kids are so cute, noone can bite those cute little fingers.

  30. 52

    angie says

    Luke…….I read they are from Japan. You should be happy to know that I didn’t just pull that country out of a hat.

  31. 53

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    I knew they were called Lady Birds in Europe, but had no idea that the orange ones were imported. They are fun bugs for kids to catch. Em loves to catch them and name them and plan to bring them in the house….

  32. 54

    Susie says

    Wow! Imported bugs just for us-now that is something. We have bunches of them too and in the fall they used to come inside to live-in my old house-up in the attic (batcave) so my fondness for the little creatures has diminished. Great pics!

  33. 55

    Cecily R says

    First of all, I don’t know how I missed your PSF this week. So sorry.

    Secondly, I LOVE little hands holding lady bugs. Its pure and honest kidness captured.

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