Photo Story Friday-Flaunting the Rules

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I shamelessly admit it. My kids are clever. Very, very clever. If a situation presents itself that will allow a little circumventing of the rules, they are ON it. They start young, my situation manipulators. Here’s an example:

“Mom says I’m too little to use a knife? Alrighty then. A saw it is”.

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  1. 6

    Molly says

    I so panicked when I saw the first picture because I thought seriously, has she given her child a steak knife?! So glad it is only a saw!

  2. 8

    Octamom says

    Love this! But I have some bad news for him. Spiderman actually lives at my house–yea…I see him most mornings at my breakfast table in the same get-up. At least, I think it’s the real Spiderman….

    Okay, maybe there can be two real SpiderMEN, one up in Oregon where my compassionate blog bud Angie tells me it’s nice and cool and one down here in the South where it is stinkin’ hot!

    Glad you liked the Wii buds!


  3. 9

    Live.Love.Eat says

    I guess that’ll be 3 Spidermans actually. But this will explain why he can be anywhere on a moments notice.

    Re: the pic. I wish that was my little guy so I could have taken a picture of it, and put it on my blog. Sooooo cute!!!! He’s adorable! And his smile – he knows he’s being funny!

  4. 11

    Threeundertwo says

    OK, I seriously think there needs to be a spiderman blog carnival, because I’ve got pictures to prove he once lived at my house. . .

    (hilarious photos!)

  5. 15

    Sydney says

    I’m not going to let my little guy see this picture, because I’m sure his saw will end up on the table with his fork and spoon too. Don’t you just love how little minds work?

  6. 19

    Mamarazzi says

    oh my goodness! hilarious AND adorable!

    i came for PSF but i am thinking i may need to add you to my reader so i can remember to come back…your family is darling!

  7. 22

    noble pig says

    Hi, my first time here! Nice place and cute pics!

    But wow I am amazed with the monoamniotic twins, always amazing!

    Nice to meet you.

  8. 23

    Kim Heinecke says

    If there’s one thing I love on a Friday morning, it’s a precious redheaded Spiderman sawing his food.

  9. 24

    Jennifer P. says

    YOu can’t say he’s not a creative problem solver :)!

    And though I’m the 86th person to say something about it—I am so glad you got the scary woman out of your business. People like that usually seek out naively trusting people such as ourselves to exploit–but I still feel bad for them. You did the right thing though!!!

  10. 25

    Zen Ventures says

    I’m cracking up! Genius your little one. Our kids just amazes us with their ingenuity don’t they?
    btw, thanks for taking the time to come by my blog. I know you’re a busy woman but I guess you’re a superwoman too! I also added you in my blogroll- hope that’s ok. Have a happy weekend

  11. 27

    Mandy says

    I keep seeing your name pop up on the same sites I visit so I thought I would check your blog out and can I say super cute!

  12. 28

    Rhonda says

    I love the sinister grin on his face in the second picture! He is too cute.

    And I love how I talk about my, ummmm, clueless child, and you brag up your kids. lol

    Does that make me a bad mom? I’ll have to brag them up one of these days, too. It just might take some imagination….

  13. 30

    Stephanie says

    He’s so clever!! And very proud of his thinking 🙂

    We have knives for Vivian…Gerber I think…they are rounded/dull, but she’s been using them to practice cutting and loves to do it.

  14. 32

    GoteeMan says

    that’s a sure sign of a very intelligent (and challenging to raise) boy…

    I have two like that – both smart as a whip, and both do their best to outsmart me… pretty soon, I may be losing part or all of me mind…



  15. 33

    Cecily R says

    THAT? Is fantastic! I love him! And I love you for taking pictures of him cleverness!

    And I’m stealing Situation Manipulators phrase. I have three of them myself…:)

  16. 34

    Genny says

    Smart one! There’s something about little boys and saws…just yesterday, my son got into the tool box and took one out to “show it off” to his friend. “I’ve got a bigger one than that,” his friend said, “I have lots of saws.” Those boys….:)

  17. 37

    Abby says

    My kids do things like as well (mental silly mommy eye roll) He sure is cute and resourceful too! Thanks for checking out our blog and leaving a comment. For some reason we get a lot of lookers but not commenters 😉

  18. 38

    jen says

    Oh my goodness!!! That is so cute! The look on his face of pure “I have this all figured out!” is priceless!!! He is so cute and reminds me of my boys. 🙂

  19. 43

    RR Mama says

    Very creative if I do say so. My three year old would be so jealous! Don’t forget about my give away this weekend. Have a great one.

  20. 53

    Helene says

    Well, he’s definitely resourceful, isn’t he? What a little cutie!! Love the spiderman jammies…my oldest DS is totally into spiderman right now too!

  21. 56

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    Oh he’s the best! {which one? you didn’t tell and I’ve NO idea!} Very clever indeed! 🙂

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