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I enjoy fishing second hand. As in watching from afar. Far enough away that I don’t smell the power bait or see the worm being impaled by the hook. I like being far enough away that I don’t see the poor fish with the hook through it’s mouth or being held up by it’s gills. I like being far, far away when the fish is being cleaned, and I DON’T like the smell of fish cooking in my house. I’m more into restaurant fish. The kind where I don’t have to think about how the fish was killed, how it was gutted and cleaned or how it was cooked. I just like a perfectly seasoned and grilled piece of fish served to me where I don’t have to have a relationship with it. So while I feel this way, I happily give Jeff free reign with the fishing lessons. I’ll take a book, thanks.


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    The Jensens says

    Amen to that.
    My “memory” with you that comes to mind is when you came to stay at our old house for a night or two and I remember you telling me and someone else a story. I can’t remember what you were talking about, all I remember is thinking “gosh, Angie is smart, I want to be just like her someday, I hope she likes me.”

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    ValleyGirl says

    That’s my kinda fishin’ too! I don’t mind the cooking smell in my house though because the way my hubby cooks it, it smells sensational. It’s our favourite thing to eat. Even my 4- and 6-yr old daughters inhale the stuff. Needless to say, it never lasts very long and it’s a rare treat!

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like it was a great day at the lake for all!

  3. 21

    Chris Osborne says

    I don’t particularly like fishing either. I don’t like the stuff you don’t, but I think it’s a result of me not liking the slow process and thus not liking anything that goes along with it.

  4. 22

    The Pink Potpourri says

    great blog! i enjoyed reading it. i LOVE to fish, but only when guys are around…i REFUSE to touch any sort of bug bait, or the fish. i can put hot dog on the hook, but that’s about it 🙂 i even just recently purchased a pink fishing pole! so i guess i’m the most girliest fisher there ever was 🙂

  5. 23

    Autumn says

    “where I don’t have a relationship with it” – too funny!

    Hey, look at it this way – who would take the pics if you were fishing? I’d say you’re a team player 😉

  6. 24

    Alexandria says

    I’m with you on that one!! I hate fishing. I’m actually allergic to fish and other seafood …

  7. 26

    Melissa says

    You are a girl after my own heart. I don’t want to personally meet my dinner before I eat….blech!

  8. 28

    Kimberly says

    Oh I so get that! I am a much happier girl if I don’t have to talk to my food or see it staring at me before I eat it!

  9. 29

    Amy says

    I completely agree. I’m not too big on fish ever but I hate the process of little guy harmlessly swimming along and then…. I love your blog.

  10. 30

    Veggie Mom says

    Second-hand fishing? I’m all for it! I’ve often gone to the lake with my in-laws to fish. Well, I right around in the boat, and don’t even mind holding the pole for hours on end–it’s trying to get a wiggling fishie off the hook that disturbs me! 🙂

  11. 31

    Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    I’m more into catch and release! I say let them have fun catching and then let the poor things go off down the river or around the lake. Fun pictures of the lessons!

  12. 32

    Casey's trio says

    It’s a delicate balance isn’t it? I actually loved going fishing when I was a kid. One of my girlfriends and I would fish in this little lake…we’d fix the bait ourselves and manhandle the fish.
    I don’t eat it though!

  13. 33

    Laurie says

    Everything you wrote… I agree with 100%. I am not into fishing period. I differ though in that I will not eat fish… or anything out of the ocean for that matter.

  14. 34

    Susie says

    I love that first picture! I want to go there too–with my book as well. Leave the worms and fish guts to the others, as in not me.

    I love having things in common with my favorite bloggers–hooray!

    You Angie, ROCK!

  15. 35

    Stephanie says

    I’m with pinkpotpurri! I don’t LOVE fishing, but I will participate as long as a guy is around to do the yucky work. The smell, the worm, the hook, the slimy fish….not so much for me.

    I love the pictures!

  16. 36

    Killlashandra says

    I am so with ya on that view of fishing. I did a similar post with pictures of them fishing and my having very little to do with it other take the pictures. 😉 I just think it’s boring really.

    Hope they had fun and caught bunches!

  17. 38

    Jaime says

    I’m with Laurie. Nothing out of the ocean (or lake for that matter!) for me. Yuck! I have absolutely no desire.

  18. 39

    Ryanne says

    I’m with you on the far far away. not my kind or sport. The guys sure like like they are enjoying anyhow!

  19. 40

    Neil says

    I am in total agreement with your stance on fishing! My husband is going to be on his own for that, too.

  20. 41

    Crazymamaof6 says

    you are too cute! I’m so with you. but i won’t even eat restaurant fish. and I’m not a fan of smelling someone else’s at the restaurant

  21. 43

    Heather says

    love the photos. i also agree with the comments that have been left about restaurant fish…caught fish just isn’t the same.

  22. 47

    Rhea says

    I’m ok with the worms and gutting but I’d much rather be taking pictures or reading a book, like you mentioned. I love it when other people take my children fishing though. :o)

  23. 48

    Mama's Losin' It says

    Awww look how cute they are fishing together!! And you and your funny fish phobias. I love it.

  24. 49

    Sherri - KaysvilleMomma says

    How fun!!! I love fishing… My husband and daughter are out fishing right now!!!

    I love your blog and so I gave you an award on my blog… come and get it!!

  25. 50

    Rhonda says

    If I need to do something that requires silence and no movement, I’d rather be blog-hopping! lol The upside is that there are no bugs in my office… Fishing is just plain weird. And men say THEY can’t figure US out???

  26. 52

    Shannon says

    I am with you on the smell of powerbait and impaled worms but I love fishing. I have my boys do all of the dirty work. I’m such a pansy!

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