Past Post Parade

I’ve resurrected a few old posts from the past. I present to you, my readers, my favorite blog entries of 2007. (Is it bad if when you look back at your posts you don’t even want to read them?)

January: 2007 is Here!
February: Friends…
March: First Mohawks and Heart Stopping Moment
April: Introducing Royalty and If There is Clutter
May: This is What Happens, Happy Mother’s Day, We’re 1 1/2 Years Old
June: She Made My Day
July: Emetic Recipe, I Detest the Smell of that Flower, Nine Years
August: Would You Like to Take a Walk…
September: Books, 150th Post and I’m It!
October: What did your kids do today? Hot tip #5, Duct tape
November: Words that make me walk….
December: Sunday Scribblings, Favorite Christmas Conversation, My Favorite Day, Tell all Thursday

This is what I found: The first part of the year was pretty boring. I started writing about more meaningful things in July, which just happens to be the month I had Laser Eye Surgery. August was spent working, October my kids got into alot of trouble, November marked my first “give-away, my blog’s Birthday and my 200th post, and December I visited more blogs, entered writing contests, and saw visits to my blog increase to 100 a day (which was HUGE for me way back then!)

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