Our summer long project

Trim, trim and more trim. Jeff has replaced the trim throughout our whole house….baseboards, doorways and windows. The trim is all prepped and all that is left is to paint…the trim and then the walls with overspray. Oh, and re-hang the doors. You can imagine the fun it has been to keep the twins out of rooms, closets and pantries with open access. This has been so much more invasive, time intensive and tedious than I ever anticipated. I’m so grateful Jeff is willing to put the time and effort into making this project look amazing. And it does!


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    Laura says

    The trim is looking amazing! I love trim. Having done a lot of trim work ourselves I knew it was a BIG BIG undertaking. Now I think if I want anymore I will have to hire a finish carpenter we both totally burnt out on all that! It really does make a difference in a home though.

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    Kristin says

    Now why did you start this project knowing you probably wouldn’t be staying? Does trim increase resell that much? It does look great, you guys are troopers. Growing up with dad, I know how much work it actually is, and when you think it’ll be easy, and quick, think again!

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    Rachelle says

    Tell Jeff how amazing the trim and baseboards look! They really “pop” with the contrasting paint! I forgot…did Jeff paint the doors white also?

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