Once Upon A Time…..

I had a pretty interesting job.

That’s not to say that the job I have now is not interesting, but the job I had once upon a time sounded interesting when I told other people about it.

The job was actually fun, although stressful, but the commute into Los Angeles almost killed me.

It was my first job where I made decent money, and since I didn’t have the time to spend the money I made, the situation seemed perfect.  On paper.  The reality was though, that there were things about the job that I just did not like, and felt uncomfortable with.

There were also parts of the job I loved.  I used to LOVE to watch the Foley artists doing their job.  I loved eating lunch at famous places like The Ivy.    Once I even got to do a voice-over scream for an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (my daughter does not believe this, but it is true).

I didn’t last long at the job……..a year.  One day I just quit.  I didn’t go to work.  Instead I sent them a fax resigning.  As of that moment.  When I was 21 my conscience let me do things like that.

I worked at a studio that did Post Production Sound for movies and Television.

The studio was located in a building in the heart of Hollywood that housed other studios where musical artists and actors frequented.  So, every day I’d see someone famous.  If they weren’t in the studio I worked for, I’d see them in the lobby or in the elevators headed to get interviewed by a prime time host.

Since I decided to write this post based on one of Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop Prompts today, I should probably tell you a few tidbits about the actors.  LIKE:

  • Lots of the male actors I met were short.  And scrawny.
  • Most of the actors that came into the studio acted totally down to earth, but as soon as they walked out the doors and into the public eye I could actually see a transformation as they stepped back into their “persona”.
  • Most of the actors that I met that *used* to be famous but were no longer were difficult.  They still acted like they had the world on a platter, but didn’t and it was annoying verging on  repulsive.
  • a few actors I met  had very poor hygiene.
  • once an actor came to the studio at 9 am for work, drunk.
  • the actress who played Elvira and Henry Winkler were the nicest actors I met.
  • I didn’t met anyone who was wildly famous at the time.

I should also tell you that although the  job I had then sounds totally interesting to many, the job I have now FAR surpasses anything of interest that happened back then.

And that’s that.


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    Sounds like a ton of fun at 21!! And how cool that you were a voice over for Buffy! And I agree, more often than not, the actors have very poor hygiene!

  2. 2

    Kirsten says

    Angie! You’ve kept some secrets from me! Sounds like a ball. I’ve told Johanna lots of nice things about you (all true) and if she reads you did a Buffy gig, she’ll love you for life, ha ha ha (she’s a serious Buffy fan, honestly, I have never watched it, so I can’t give an opinion). Sounds like there must be a story to the day you quit. I have one of those…..I’ve probably already shared it with you.

  3. 14

    Laurie Johnson says

    Once again you surprise me! Whether you are blogging about your kids, your”former” life 🙂 or breakfast you always make it interesting. Keep sharing.:)

  4. 16


    I wish I woulda used my time in L.A. more wisely. As I lived there most of my life, I never really thought anything about actors being around and I was always determined to act all nonchalant and uninterested. Now I wish that I would have taken advantage of some of the opportunities I had. Not because I want a different life, just because it would be nice to have had more experiences. I was too busy chasing boys.
    .-= parenting BY dummies´s last blog ..So NOT Dumb Saturday. Earth Day is Every Day =-.

    • 17

      Angie says

      I know what you mean. Just the other day I stood right next to this surgeon from reality TV. Can’t remember his name now. I acted all nonchalant, because, really, I didn’t care, but now I wish I had taken pictures and talked to him b/c it would have given me something to talk about on my blog. 🙂

      • 22


        loved it. loved the free ski season pass too. but boy have things changed over the past 15-20 years. it is no longer quite as quaint and laid back.

  5. 32


    OMG! Buffy was my favorite! My absolute favorite!!

    I love your tidbits! I’m always shocked to know that actors are short… (Which I seem to hear fairly regularly, so I don’t know why it shocks me. LOL!)
    .-= Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three´s last blog ..*Insert Gasp* =-.

  6. 34


    I chose this prompt too. But, I didn’t dish on anyone! {though you didn’t reveal names, so it doesn’t count! You were nice }

    Why are male actors so little anyway? Maybe because they seem so much bigger on screen? Or maybe, I mean, if you think about all the theater geeks in school… well, let’s just say they weren’t planing defense for the high school football team, you know?

    I used to have a super exciting job too… but now my job is more exciting! I mean, what will each day bring? A blow out? Ear infection? It never ends!

  7. 38


    Hey, stpped over from Mama Kat’s. Sounds like you had an interesting job there for a while. I had something similar in working for my father who is in broadcast television. Not quite as many big stars in TV, but a few. The scream in Buffy is a great conversation starter!
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Foto Fri… Thursday! =-.

  8. 40


    I worked in the film industry in LA after college. It was far less glamorous and far more stressful than most people think. I escaped to teach third grade and felt much more satisfaction. Now, of course, my little mommy world brings even more…

  9. 44

    Jo says

    Oh! I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer! My husband, as you know, is in the biz. So when we lived in LA, Clark brought me to the WB backlot and sets where Buffy was shot. That was fun. (=
    It’s good that you are doing something you like better. Working in the film industry is only glamorous to people who don’t. It’s cool and all, but loses its luster after awhile for the reasons that you mentioned and more!

  10. 45

    Carrie says

    I remember when you worked there! I can’t believe it was 14 years ago – but I always feel that way. After I quit my job downtown, I went to work for the NHRA. Knowing NOTHING about drag racing and how avid the fans can be, I remember thinking it was hilarious that the more successful drivers really thought of themselves as big-time celebrities. Good times.

  11. 46


    you resigned by FAX??? LOL! I can’t believe you! I’d never have the balls. Cool job for a year though… certainly more interesting than waiting tables….

  12. 57


    Ahhh, fame! That does sound like an interesting job….but apparently not interesting enough to keep you there. Ha. I can imagine that if I worked around famous people it would eventually get old, and then they would annoy the crap out of me….but that is just me.
    Fun post!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..From the mouth of babes… =-.

    • 58

      Angie says

      Yep. Movie stars are just like regular old people. Some are nice and cool and others, well, they aren’t. 🙂

      • 59


        sof – I’ve followed your (text) blog for a cupole of years now.and kept an especially sharp eye out for your photography work,so now I have to say. you’ve really made sure that the way you tell stories translates into film. you should be proud of that, because you’re exceptional at both. if I ever get married I hope you’ll still be around for this kind of work.

  13. 60

    Carrie says

    I love Buffy! I bet I saw the episode where you debued your scream..btw next time I see I am going make you scream..For some reason I can’t picture you doing it!!

  14. 61


    that sounds like SUCH a fabulous job to have when you’re 21! The perfect job. And how cool to tell your kids you did something so “cool” like that.
    (certainly tops my “i worked at a pharmacy” when i was 21. LOL)
    .-= debi9kids´s last blog ..Why I Do What I Do…. =-.

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