Olympic Moms

Surprise, surprise.  It’s me.  I’m back.  But only for today.  I just couldn’t stay away, despite having the best darn guest posters on the planet lined up {they will continue tomorrow as scheduled for the  week}…..

I was over at Octamom’s place the other day.  She had a post about her Olympic sized efforts to keep her children clean, and it got me thinking………..

The Olympics have had their fair share of weird sports like bandy (combo of ice hockey and soccer), skiijoring (a dog or horse pulling a person on skis), Kabaddi, and La Canne, so why not some sort of category for mothering?

Fastest diaper changer.  Most impressive feats of endurance when dealing with children who all want something at once.  Quickest meal cooker.   Speediest and most thorough cleaner.  Iron-er with the best creases.

You get the picture.

I mean, if a sport whereby an animal does all the work can be included in the Olympics, then why not the mothering category?

I may not be an athlete in the traditional sense, but I tell myself that I am pretty proficient at what I do.

As long as my own children are not judges, I think I might even be able to snag a bronze at the very least.

While I dream of my Olympic debut, I leave you with this:

Stories of other Olympic moms.  Maybe one day I can have my story there too………:)

The widget is meant to be interactive, so go.  Interact.  Give what you like a thumbs up.  Or down.  You can even comment or suggest.

See you next week!

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