Rocking #myONstyle at Old Navy

Nothing says Back to School like Back to School Shopping, and this year, my kids got to multiply their style at Old Navy.  By choosing versatile and fun pieces, they’ll each get to show their personality and style when they head back to school in their new clothes.


Old Navy is rocking the Back to School experience for kids and parents with their Step and Repeat!  Located at the front of each store {or near the kids section like at my local store}, kids can try on and model their favorite outfits so parents can see just how great they look and how much they’ve grown over the summer!  {{smiling}}

Let Old Navy See Your Style!


Want to get in on the fun, like we did? Take a photo (or photos) of your stylish kid getting ready to head Back to School in his or her favorite Old Navy outfit. Upload the photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #myONstyle.  Old Navy will host and aggregate the uploaded pictures on their site through August 15th, so kids can see themselves rocking their great looks, and get inspiration from others, too!  {{super fun}}


We scored some amazing deals, like jeans for $10 bucks and T-shirts for $5, so Back to School shopping was not only fun, but affordable.  Why not let your kids Rock their #myONstyle today?

Old Navy Logo

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Old Navy, but all clothing and fun experiences were all our own.  🙂


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