OfficeMax-A Day Made Better Campaign

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be selected to be on the “Day Made Better” Campaign funded by OfficeMax and brought to me by Mom It Forward. The “Day Made Better” Campaign was executed to help raise awareness about AND erase teacher funded classrooms.

I gave away a $100.00 OfficeMax giftcard on my blog pay-it-forward style for a teacher who exibited need, innovation, dedication and passion. I also had a party at my house to collect school supplies to be give to a local teacher who exhibited the same qualities I mentioned above.
It was such a wonderful campaign because it was SERVICE oriented and gave me the opportunity to both help raise awareness about how much teachers spend per year on classroom supplies, AND also see the expression on a teachers face as the burden was lifted of doing so. I particularly loved seeing the children in the class get excited by the goodies in the box. In all, my friends and family were incredibly generous and donated about $500 worth of classroom supplies for this cause!
I had such a great time planning and coordinating my party and delivering the huge box of supplies to the local teacher. I really enjoyed reading all of your teacher entries for the giveaway post as well.
To see the story unfold, take a gander:
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I was super surprised and thrilled to find this thank you note on my door last week. I didn’t leave my address with the school, but the teacher took the time to “find” me based on a comment I had made about knowing some children that attended that school.

I’m so grateful for teachers, and for opportunities for service of any size.


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    jyl (Mom It Forward/#gno) says

    What a great thank-you note… poster! How awesome is that! Wasn't this a fun and meaningful program to promote and participate in? I haven't delivered my donations to my teacher yet, but am super excited to see the look on her and her student's faces as well. She teaches 2nd grade and I think the kiddos will be all over it. Yeahhhhh! Love giving! Thx for sharing your experience :).

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    Justine says

    I think what you and others did is so wonderful. These poor teachers, the men and women who are shaping our children's lives 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, get so little thanks. They're completely underpaid for the importance of what they do, and then they're expected to supply the classroom on top of it? Pisses me off.

    Justine 😮 )

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