Ode to a Cold

Ode to a Cold

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We’re getting sick right and left
I do think it’s you.

Mother nature, make up your mind.
Warm then cold.
Rain then snow
I’m sick of listening to the wind blow.

It’s because you can,
Admit it.
You think it’s funny.
When it’s sunny and we all sigh in relief.
Only to be slammed on our feet when you make it unsunny.

I need cold relief.
DayQuil®, NyQuil®, you name it.
This is beyond belief.

Missing work,
Missing school,
Missing my tap, tap, tap on my computer.

I’ll trade the shivers,
and achy limbers
for a the sound of someone yelling “timber”.

Mother Nature,
hear my plea:
Send the warm weather,
AND keep the colds away.

We’ve been washing our hands,
Coughing into our elbows,
Doing it all right, yet we still have the mellows.

I’ve tried to be nice,
I’ve sighed with resignation
but I’m sick of the colds
And I want you to fix it.

If you value me at all..
…Make it STOP…
…and bring on the sun…
And I won’t blame you. For long.
I’m done.

I’m playing along with Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop today using the prompt:  What battle are you fighting? Write a poem overcoming.  Since Jeff, the kids, and I  have been laid up with colds and the flu TOO many times these past few months, it’s only fitting that I write about our interminable colds.  I am also a compensated member of the Vick’s Blogger Brigade. Photo from the Vick’s VapoRub Facebook page.


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    Just used some Vick’s myself the other night. It was too cute. My boy was falling asleep and I could hear his congestion, so I told him I was going to rub a little Vick’s on him. He nodded and smiled up at me while his eyes rolled back in his head because he was falling asleep! It was so funny looking. Like he was delirious over the Vick’s! Hope the battle is one soon for you!

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    MY FEELINGS EXACTLY!!! I need the sun and warmth so bad right now, and it’s one cold after another at our house too.

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    Haha…this is awesome. I also love how casually you’re able to slip in the Vick’s meds. I’ve been making some good use of Nyquil lately myself! Thank goodness for Vicks. 🙂

    I hope you all are feeling better soon…it’s the worst when these sicknesses go through everyone!!

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    Wow – you managed to follow the prompt AND do it in poetry form. I’m impressed.

    And I agree – I alternate between cold, flu and allergies. I’m getting knocked about one way or another. Long live beach weather!

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