No News is NOT Necessarily GOOD News.

Because, it just might mean that something less than stellar is going on in my life.

Like, getting rear-ended while I was driving my husbands practically brand new car.

I think I’d like to proceed with the word NIGHTMARE, and follow that with a few bullet points.  Like this:

  • Getting rear-ended causes all kinds of panic upset.  Especially when one is rear-ended in the desert.  On vacation.  In another state.  And,
  • the fool who wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended your husbands car, rendering it un-drivable doesn’t even apologize.
  • when it happens your husband is in a conference and you have to interrupt, breaking the news that:
  1. his car is crashed and has to be towed.
  2. that he has to leave important conference, rent a car and then come and get me because it’s 110 degrees outside and I’m dying.  And crying.  And my back hurts.
  3. his car is crashed.

The plus side to this story is that no one was seriously hurt and my husband has been nothing but wonderful to me, which is very admirable considering.  Everything.  The other plus side is…..well, I’m going to have to think about that for a little while longer.

Isn’t it convenient that one of MamaKat’s prompts today happened to lend itself to telling this story?


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    Oh Angie – I’m so sorry! That really is a nightmare. At least you weren’t hurt – badly. Be sure and get that back looked at. I had a whiplash injury when I was 18 & hit by a drunk driver. I had problems with it for years, but then I found the right combo of therapy & drugs and got it fixed up.

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    That’s the worst feeling in the world – other than the part about your back hurting, being hot and sweaty, and having to wait on a rescuer.

    My husband’s car is very similar to your man’s. All manner of mayhem and disaster can happen in MY car, but we don’t even eat drive-thru in the coveted European-fully-loaded-plush-beauty. If something happened to his baby while I was driving, I would have to roll it into a lake somewhere and claim that someone stole it from the WalMart parking lot. LOL!

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    Angie that sucks! So sorry you had to deal with this! I crashed up my hubbys car one time, too, and aside from feeling bad & anxious yourself, you feel sorry for them, too. Rest up!

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    i was just wondering where u had got to angie! i can’t believe that that rendered the car undriveable! i’m so glad ur ok, but doom on the other driver – wot a dork!

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    Oh dear – thankfully nobody was seriously hurt…but I’ve gotta warn you (as someone who has been rear-ended three times!) – your neck is gonna hurt. Period. But again, it could have been worse. Ice. Ice. Ice. And of course he’s been great – it’s only a car, obviously he loves you more 🙂

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    I’m so glad to hear that you’re unhurt, although I’m sure you’re still shaken up by the whole experience. I can’t get over the fact that the driver who crashed into you never apologized — what is it with people?!

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    I hope you weren’t hurt at all. Accidents are never fun. But it sounds like yours was even more unenjoyable. I’m sorry you had to endure one and in the heat to boot.

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