No Heat Pin Curls {how to}

How to Make No Heat Pin Curls is my absolute favorite summer curling method because it’s easy on the hair.  My thirteen year old daughter started doing on her own hair and I quickly got her  doing mine.  You’ll need bobby pins, a spray bottle with water to spritz your hair, and a curl enhancer.  For more hair tutorials and tips and tricks, you’ll want to browse here.

No Heat Curls

No Heat CurlsMaterials: You will need LOTS of bobby pins, a brush, a spray bottle with water in it, and if you want it, some curl enhancing products.

Step 1: Start with dry hair. lightly mist water, and if you want it, the curl product. Don’t add too much water, or the curls won’t look right.

No Heat Curls

Step 2: Wrap small sections of hair around two fingers. Wrap away from your face.
No Heat Curls

Step 3: Once your wrapping gets to your scalp, lay the curl flat on your head, and pin it down. Use as many bobby pins as you need.No Heat Curls

Step 4: Do this to your whole head. Go to sleep, wake up, take out the bobby pins, and enjoy your heatless curls!
no heat pin curls

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