1. 1

    Yvie says

    He’s SuperGladiator! 😀 He’s so adorable Angie! This picture is something you can show off to his girlfriend when he’s bigger hahaha!

    P.S. I’m sorry for not commenting in a while. 🙂


  2. 65

    Simply AnonyMom says

    HAHAHA. How adorable. I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw this. You have an adorable son.

  3. 72

    Cristin says

    ACK!! That’s so cute!!
    I hope you’re the kind of Mom that pulls out a picture like this to show his first girlfriend!!!

  4. 76

    Molly says

    I’m speechless! Please save this photo and have it blown up for his 18th birthday party. He will hate you but you will get such a laugh!

    • 77


      Reading out loud always helps to see thnigs I wouldn’t otherwise see. Still, sometimes I say Wait, and have to go back a paragraph or two and make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be!

  5. 79

    Mekhismom says

    Too cute! This picture reminds me of underoos. Underpants with superheros insignias on them. I wore them with pride as a child.

  6. 100

    Rachel says

    Seriously the picture popped up and I laughed! That is SO cute. That little man has some fierce fashion sense! 🙂


  7. 103

    Debra says

    Perfect combo of style and functionality! He can go from the average snake slinging cowboy to SUPERboy in seconds flat!

  8. 105

    Stephanie says

    Oh yeah, I totally appreciate the superhero cutey. We seem to be seeing a lot of this ’round my batcave as well.

  9. 107

    Rhonda says

    Awww! He’s a cross between Indianna Jones, Jesse James, Superman and the Mad Scientist! lol

    And pop IS pop, probably because the carbonation makes your nose explode. Soda does sound better though. lol

  10. 132

    Tiff says

    IS that a snake he just finished wrangling? Too cute!

    Oh and yes, only 21 pounds SINCE becoming pregnant, which was around Christmastime, so it doesn’t count the 5 pounds I gained from cookies right before we found out!

  11. 133

    Z's Mom says

    OMG…I laughted out loud at work as soon as this picture popped up! How cute is he??? Is that a saw in his hand?????

    Tooo cute!

    • 134


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  12. 135

    Kacey Randolph says

    Totally made my day! He is adorable. This new Superhero may have helped me with potty trainig. Ryder asked what he was doing and I told him he was on his way to go pee pee on the potty like a big boy! Is that wrong? :0)

  13. 136

    girlytwins says

    Does he plan on using that saw on the snake? That is an awesome outfit. Does it come in adult sizes?

  14. 139

    Scary Mommy says

    Love it!!!!! My daughter used to prance around in undies, a hat and cowboy boots and a puppy doll. They’d have made quite a pair.

  15. 147

    Tracy says

    boy is he going to hate this pic when’s he’s 16 ha ha. too funny – the snake is a great touch.

  16. 149

    les_mason_curt says

    it makes him extra special because he is a red-head… love me some reds… looks like he just took down another villan- “the snake never knew what hit him.”

  17. 193

    stefanie says

    Oh so cute. Love how the cowboy boots complete the ensemble. I have a picture of El as ‘green girl’ all dressed in green and wearing green pom pom hair. They would have made a good team.

  18. 207

    Caroline says

    Oh, too cute. Its the Superman/Snake wrangler/handyman Man. He’s precious. I heart his red hair – maybe because I too have a redhead. Thanks for stopping by my blog on Tuesday for my sits day!

  19. 211

    Trooper Thorn says

    Now there’s a young man who could use a utility belt.

    Thanks for your comments on Brett Favre’s Payday. I’ll see what I can negotiate for you.

    I hope the final eye surgery went well.

  20. 233

    Leslie says

    One for the wedding album! LOVE it! I’ll have to send you a similar picture of Graham from last Halloween!

  21. 235

    Bonnie the Boss says

    He is so so cute!!! Love the outfit, maybe I should get one like it to wear to my reunion.
    Adorable. Sorry, I am so far behind. I am going to catch up after my kids go back to school.

  22. 236


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  24. 238


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  25. 239


    These are stunning. Of csuroe I am partial to the ones of that gorgeous family of yours, but I equally love the landscape pictures. Something about the water & the mountains . those images are breathtaking!

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