My New Brownie

Yesterday Emma had her big Daisy Bridging Ceremony signifying that she has completed Daisy Girl Scouts and is moving up a rank to Brownies. Grace’s Brownie troop participated in the ceremony and had the opportunity to walk Emma over the bridge and exchange her Daisy tunic for her Brownie vest. The ceremony was quick and surprisingly downright enjoyable. It was a great way to spend the afternoon for me, and a memorable day for Emma. Both of my girls are lucky to have exceptional Girl Scout Leaders!

Emma and Grace as they crossed the bridge and started the exchange.

Jacob was…….doing his own thing and couldn’t be bothered with a picture.

I *heart* these girls.

Garrett was such a big help all afternoon.


  1. 1

    Robin says

    You have such gorgeous kids!

    The brownies don’t have to wear those horrible dresses anymore? A vest is downright easy, and comfy too. No fair!

  2. 3

    Good & Crazy says


    1) In Mormondom there really is no brownies. And if you found one, you would be banned for attending.

    2) Robin above said the outfits used to be worse…but, ah..they kind of aren’t so hot now..(I swear I’m not reflecting on the beautiful, gorgeous, girls wearing them).

    3) I love moments like that where everyone is just happy for the one kid to do her thing.

    A story. My oldest had a band concert. It was short, it was sweet, and it WAS AWFUL. (Beginning Band–you’ll just have to imagine). But everyone was so pleased to be there for her.
    The end.

  3. 4

    Stephanie says

    hat a great memory for your girls to share. I remember Brownies from elementary school. I really wanted to be one – all of my friends were. I think I was a Brownie for a day. We lived 20miles from the town I went to school in, so it was just too much for my parents. Do they not do the beanies anymore?!

  4. 5

    Are You Serious! says

    ♡ I think they’re soooo cute!!! Love all the pictures and that cracks me up that Jacob was doing his own thing and couldn’t be bothered! 🙂

  5. 6

    jenni anne says

    i always wanted to be a boy scout, but apparently you have to be an actual BOY to participate. whatever. your daughters are adorable!

  6. 7

    Melissa says

    I’m glad your girls love brownies so much. I hated it as a kid and resented the fact that mum sent me every week.
    I can’t believe how different your two girls look.
    I LOVE Emma’s hair.
    My mum also wanted a red head girl. She never got one. Maybe sending me to brownies was her punishment for not being a red head.

  7. 8

    Threeundertwo says

    Your kids are all gorgeous!

    I was a Camp Fire Girl, and I remember “flying up” from a bluebird. I don’t even think they exist any more, but it was a huge part of my life for years. So great that they could participate in this together.

  8. 9

    Rebecca says

    Oh, the Brownies! I do miss those days! I was spring cleaning last week and actually found my old Brownie Girl Scout handbook – what memories! The pictures are too cute, little Garrett looks so proud there in the background.

  9. 11

    Laura says

    Lindsey is a brownie but the troop is disolving this year. Bummer. I guess I will be looking for another one. What adorable pictures! I was a brownie too!

  10. 13

    The Jensens says

    Grace looks so mature. Oldest girls turn into babysitters/little mamma’s. I remember that.

  11. 17

    carrie & troy keiser says

    Congrats to your new Brownie. That reminds me, that I too have some girl scout bridging pix to share….. soon I hope!

  12. 19

    Cecily R says

    My goodness Angie! They are so adorable!!! All of them.

    I always wanted to be a Brownie…maybe I should make Gracie do it so I can live vicariously through her….

    Oh, and I LOVE being lumped with you too!! Woo hoo. For today at least, I am so officially cool!!

  13. 21

    Mark and Kiss says

    How fun! I always wanted to be a brownie when I was a little girl. Do they still have 25 cent weekly dues? Totally precious pictures!

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