My heart stopping moment….

I think the title of this post says it all. I came downstairs to see what John-scratch that, Jacob was doing and found him like this. My heart literally stopped….for a second and then I realized what a perfect photo op it was. Luckily I had a helper that stood by the table to make sure Jacob didn’t fall off.


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    Laura says

    OH MY!!! How did he get up there? Love that you got the picture too. Cute table and photos, you and me really do love all the same things. Come visit we can go house shopping!

  2. 3

    Laura says

    Oh my all bets are off now… When my girls learned to push chairs etc… to climb my life changed!

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    Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    wow, that definitely is a heart stopping moment! what a smart little boy to have figured that out! my girls have been climbing out of their beds forever, but they have just learned how to go get the step stool and climb on it to get what they want. i.e. what they are not supposed to have…lol. anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog. that was why i pointed out that the coats were from gymboree, $10 for a winter gymboree coat is unheard of (it retailed for 59.99)! here in maine, we still have a while before we put the winter coats away too, so they will get lots of use. anyway, i hope you have a great week!!

  4. 5


    I’m pretty out of shape, and I am tiyrng to lose a little weight/tighten up some muscles´╗┐ so I look almost as good as my fiance at our wedding/honeymoon in 8 months. I broke such a great sweat, which I haven’t done since college. Thank you so much for these videos! I am going to do a mix of them throughout my week for the next 8 months.

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