Wordful Wednesday ~ More Riviera Maya

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I know you all thought I was done talking about our vacation to Riviera Maya.  Um.  I’m not.  🙂

The Resort

The resort we stayed at was nice.  They say it’s a 5 star resort.  I say it’s not.  We booked two rooms.  They were not adjoining.  I’m still disgruntled about that. I wrote to them twice before arriving telling them that we really needed adjoining rooms. They didn’t bother responding.  They did let me know however that I didn’t need a converter for my flat iron.


I will say this:   we had a great time, the service was great, except around the pool (notice my kids getting their own drinks in my last post about the trip?) BUT, the food didn’t meet our expectations.  It was totally hit or miss.  For the price, I think it should have been better, that’s all.  And speaking of the food, here’s some pictures of some of the items that DID impress us.

 We did have plenty of good meals.  See our smiles?


And, I mentioned this before, but we spent the bulk of our time by the pool or on the beach and lucky for us the loungers were right in between both!


I’m almost done with my Cancun pictures.  Almost!

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  1. 1


    It’s totally a bummer it didn’t live up to your expectations. I would write yet another email to them and let them know of your dissatisfaction. That would really tick me off.

    Glad you found some food that was good and were still able to enjoy yourselves.

  2. 2


    Ugg… with kids it’s a must that you have adjoining rooms! From what it looks like all the fun & good times outweigh the things that weren’t so great though!

  3. 10


    I’ve been wondering which resort you stayed at – it looks beautiful! And I completely understand on the adjoining room thing. The very same thing happened to us at a Cancun resort about 4 years ago and nearly ruined my vacation before it even got started. I was SO upset, and thankfully brought a copy of an email from their resort stating that we WOULD have adjoining rooms. I was also there for a conference though and I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to have that bad experience circulating through the conference crowd. It does seem like the food at most all-inclusives is hit or miss, hopefully you had more hits 🙂 Keep the pics coming, I’m loving them!

  4. 12


    The last time we were in Mexico we were stuck in Hurricane Wilma…I vowed to never return…but these pictures make me want to go back…obviously not during hurricane season…that was my husband’s fault.

  5. 17


    What an amazing vacation your kids got to enjoy with the two of you! That food looks a little “high-brow” for me, but I sure wouldn’t mind trying a few forkfuls!

    Great photos of you all, too!

  6. 18


    it looks like you had an amazing vacation… but i would be so ticked about the rooms… with that many kids, you need it.. (when we go on vacation, its 2 adults and 4 kids, so i feel ya on needing space!)

  7. 19


    Oh my gosh, it looks so wonderful! I haven’t been to the Riviera Maya since before I was married. And we definitely did not stay in such a nice place! You’re photos are beautiful and make me want to go again – now!

  8. 21


    Wow…. lucky you!!! Looks like you had quite the views!! Sorry they had to piss you off and not give you adjoinging rooms… but I guess the scenery made up for it!! LOL

  9. 23


    oh no! That is the worst when you don’t get adjoining rooms! We had that happen a few times on our Cross Country trip in 2010 and it was awful. (meant Russ and I could almost never be together. ugh)

    The place does look beautiful, though.

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