Mommy Madness at Ebates Means $100 for You! {Giveaway}

In honor of Mommy Madness (which really means double the cash back), sponsored by the folks at Ebates, I get to give one lucky winner $100!  The winner must be a registered Ebates member (signing up is easy – just takes 15 seconds and is free).  The $100 to be deposited right into the winners account!  Can you say SCORE?

What is Mommy Madness?  Well, it’s a play on the looming NCAA basketball tournament, of course! Ebates will be doubling the cash back from many stores from March 2nd to March 13th to stay in the “game”.

Here’s just a few examples of some of the cash back amounts being offered during Mommy Madness:  Blue Nile 5%, 12%, HP Home 5%, JCP 6%,  Lands End 6%, Philosophy 10%, Sephora 8%, The Childrens Place 5%.  And, each day some stores will offer an additional double cash back so  be sure to check the Daily Double Schedule for Details!

Winner will receive a $100 credit to use at any of the more than 500 participating Ebates stores.

Entry Requirement:

  • Leave me a comment answering the question “How do you find the best deals?”
  • Must be a be a registered Ebates member (signing up is easy and free)!
Extra Entry Options:
  • Like Ebates on Facebook.
  • Like Seven Clown Circus on Facebook.
  • Up to 2 Tweets a day (spaced by at least 1 hour each) will be accepted as extra entries, but you have to leave a comment for each Tweet, and please include the link to the contest in the tweet, or just click the tweet button.  Sample tweet:  {$100} cash #giveaway from @ebates  Enter to win via @7clowncircus. PLS RT.

Contest ends on Friday, March 9th at midnight. Winner will be drawn with a random number generator and contacted via email.

Disclosure:  Ebates is providing the winner of this giveaway with $100 to spend from their Ebates account!


  1. 3

    Rachelle Brancato says

    I find the best deals by signing up for online coupons, and clipping coupons from the Sunday paper. And, I always signup/register with my favorite stores to receive their special discounts.

  2. 4

    Alycia says

    Extra cash back means an excuse to go shopping. Yay! 🙂

    I’m a huge bargain shopper. I scour the internet for deals and coupons before I purchase anything!

  3. 5

    ky2here says

    I find the best deals through non-google searches. And also by being patient and diligent. I am a member of ebates under this same email (above).

  4. 9


    Through searching the web for some things but through grocery flyers or weekly grocery store emails for foods. Now for clothing I am all about thrift stores for my littles 🙂

  5. 13

    Ann F says

    I find the best deals by talking to my mom! She she finds the best deals on everything.

    I’m an Ebates member: abfantom at yahoo dot com

  6. 14

    Margaret Smith says

    Ebates member
    I find the best deals by doing searchs on the internet.
    Thanks so much.

  7. 34

    Christy says

    I’m an ebates member. I find the best deals by comparing websites and signing up for coupons and promotional codes.

  8. 35

    Nicole Larsen says

    I follow my favorite shopping blogs for the best deals. I’m an existing Ebates member!

  9. 39

    Susan Smith says

    I find the best deals by searching online and in the newapapers for coupons and sales. I’m an ebates member

  10. 44

    Tabathia B says

    already an ebates member and find deals via daily deal websites and blogs and store websites

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  11. 48

    Joy F says

    I subscribe to a lot of blogs and find the most amazing deals from you guys. Thanks so much for working so hard.

  12. 51

    Danai says

    I find the best deals from friends, emails from companies and searching the ‘net. I am already an eBates member. Thanks!

  13. 52

    Tari Lawson says

    I compare prices online then search for coupon codes to help me save even more.

  14. 53

    Cynthia C says

    I find the best deals by searching online. I am already a member at Ebates.

  15. 78

    Amanda Sakovitz says

    I find the best deals through facebook and twitter by following companies and bloggers. I am a registered ebates member under the email used to enter

  16. 87

    Sarah Hirsch says

    i find the best deals by shopping off-price stores and sticking to the clearance racks

  17. 94

    cw says

    I find the best deal by using a cash back site like ebates (already a member) and by using for coupon codes

  18. 97

    Geoff K says

    I find the best deals by bookmarking online coupon and bargain sites, subscribing to stores’ email alerts, and using price comparison sites for specific items. Thanks!

  19. 103

    Claire says

    I find the best deals by combining coupon codes with clearance items and sales.

  20. 110

    Sharon Rooney says

    I find the best deals when shopping on-line by first searching the product I am looking to purchase then I look for a coupon code for additional off or free shipping and then I go to the store through E-bates and get the additional cash back.

    I am an E-bates member and I love it.


  21. 111

    Sharon Rooney says

    Liked Ebates on Facebook as Sharon Rooney.


  22. 112

    Sharon Rooney says

    Liked Seven Clown Circus on Facebook as Sharon Rooney.


  23. 117

    Kelly D says

    I find the best deals by shopping around online. I am a member of ebates under travelcitiesATaolDOTcom

  24. 124

    Julie Hammonds says

    I always check Ebates first when I am going to make an online purchase! I also Google exactly what I am looking for. It is amazing what coupons, discounts, etc you can find through a simple search!

  25. 128

    Suzanne K says

    I find the best deals by shopping, shopping, shopping and comparing until the prices get to where I’m willing to pay!

  26. 129

    Suzanne K says

    forgot to add, ebates member. I like ebates on facebook as Suzannek Sweeps

  27. 138

    ferriz says

    i go to and use between the 2 of them i find all active coupons and get the best savings.

    ive been an ebates member for years under a diff email. 😉

  28. 145

    Lindy says

    I find the best deals by signing up for online coupons and daily deals and just surfing the web until I find the absolute best price. 🙂

  29. 147


    Oh I love Ebates have been a member for a long time, I just got a “Big Fat Check” in the mail the other day.

    I always look on Ebates for what their cashback offer is and what sort of discount codes they have listed for what store I am shopping at online, I also have a few good deal blogs that I read daily that help me find great deals that are out there.

  30. 156

    marci h says

    i look for deals in the sunday paper and i also look online 🙂

    marci h
    tristatecruisers at yahoo dot com

  31. 162

    Amanda J. says

    I’m on lots of email lists to get exclusive deals! I’m an ebates member too!

  32. 172

    betsy cortez says

    I use ebates and other portal sites to search for deals, I also use shopping comparison website like shopzilla or nextag to look at prices.

  33. 178

    Eileen Burke says

    I find the best deals by following various blogs, you are all so great!

  34. 188

    Soha Molina says

    I do a google search for what I want and compare.

    registered Ebates member

  35. 192

    MelissaO says

    I find the best deals by following different blogs devoted to the topic. I am already an ebates member!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  36. 200

    ShellieAndBrutus says

    I save money by clipping coupons from the newspaper. I am an Ebates member
    fatmeatloaf1 at gmail dot com

  37. 228

    Richard Morris says

    i go to the box stores & then price check on sites like amazon while looking at the item

  38. 232

    Stacey B says

    I find the best deals by signing up to blog sites daily emails for the best deals. IE Brad’s Deals, The Deal Yo. I also search google for promo codes before ordering online

  39. 235

    Erica C. says

    I find the best deals by constantly look at ads and using the internet to search. It helps to be part of store reward programs too.

  40. 236

    Debbie C says

    I find the best deals by searching as many sites as I can and comparing prices. I try to find deals and codes that can be stacked for maximum saving.

    I am an Ebates member.


  41. 238

    Debbie C says

    I Like Seven Clown Circus on Facebook. Debbie Christie

  42. 239

    Debbie C says

    @chrisdeglen Tweeted –!/chrisdeglen/status/177623263407636481


  43. 240

    Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I scan the web and great blogs to find the deals
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  44. 248

    Dara Nix says

    There are SO many places to find deals these days, it can make your head swim! So I usually rely on the blogs that I read to point me in the right direction!

    • 249

      Dara Nix says

      I also forgot to add that I am already an Ebates member (kitty32504 at cox dot net)!

  45. 256

    Denise Donaldson says

    I always find the best deals through ebates. They always have a great coupon.

    I am an ebates member

    hearts2007 at

  46. 267

    Michelle Fosnaugh says

    A lot of the best deals I find online are from following couponers and such on Facebook and reading the blogs. I always find a great deal for the grocery stores and how to maximize my weekly coupon inserts

  47. 276

    Ashton Heintzelman says

    I find the best deals with lost of great deal finders on my facebook and by going on ebates every time I order online 🙂

    • 284

      joseph gersch jr says

      I forgot to say how I find the best deals. I do this by coupons searching on the net

  48. 288

    Kathleen Conner says

    I find the best deals by checking with bizrate and

    am an ebates member under email kath9992002 (at) yahoo(dot) com

  49. 295

    Lisa Garner says

    Registered ebates user.
    I find the best deals by searching coupon sites and following coupon and deals blogs online.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  50. 301

    Shannon says

    I do searches to compare prices, look for discount codes and sign up for emails that let me know about deals

  51. 308

    Heather says

    I search online and then look to find codes for free shipping, discounts, etc. Shopping through ebates is great too because you get paid to shop 🙂

  52. 314

    Michelle Tucker says

    Ebates member michedt at yahoo dot com
    I find the best deals by doing research, mainly through blogs.
    michedt at yahoo . com

  53. 316

    Michelle Tucker says

    Like Seven Clown Circus on Facebook.
    Michelle Tucker
    michedt at yahoo . com

  54. 325

    Beverly Metcalf says

    I’m already an ebates member. I find bargains by checking the store ads and checking online andlearning about them from friends and facebook.

  55. 329

    Rosey says

    Any time I am looking for the best deals, I turn to the Internet and look at sites like eBates, Coupon Cabin, and even grocery coupon sites. I also do comparison shopping online to know where the best deals are, either in person or through the websites.

  56. 334

    Barbara Long says

    I find the best deals by doing my research. That means going thru physical ads, doing research online, matching coupons with sales, etc. I hate to pay more than I have to for anything so saving money is a big deal to me. I am also an Ebates member.