Me? Crafty?

I think so.

On occasion.  It may be rare, but it happens.

And when it does, I’m pretty darn pleased with myself.

So pleased, in fact, that I have to brag a bit.

So bear with me, and please, I IMPLORE you, feed my ego.  You know, so I feel so special that I do something crafty again…Unless of course, you honestly feel like I should explore other avenues of expression.  In that case, be gentle.  Please.

What started out as this:

Ended up like this:

I won this custom vinyl piece from Kristina at Pulispher Predilictions.  It was donated by Jessica at her Etsy Shop, Say it with Style.  

Once the vinyl arrived in the mail, I had to do something with it.  

So, I went Thrift Store shopping and found the frame pictured above for $2.99.  

Then, I rushed home and took the glass and print out and spray painted the frame.  Next, I followed the instructions for adhering the vinyl to the glass, popped the glass back in the frame, and stood back all amazed.

Yes.  It’s true.  For under 3 dollars I put together a cool dry erase calendar for my family.

Some would not call that crafty

Some would say anyone could do that.

I’d have to agree.

And then add that only I did what’s pictured.  

And I think that’s crafty.


  1. 1

    Lace says

    Aw Angie… I'm proud of you lady! It looks great! & I think getting the vinyls on straight is stinkin' hard, so good for you for making that look good!

  2. 4

    parentingBYdummies says

    Looks pretty crafty to me. However, I may not be the best judge because I think that being crafty also includes making paper towel roll swords for the dudes. But still. Pretty good!

  3. 5

    Justine says

    Hey, anything that requires paint is crafty in my book. Love it, Angie!

    Is your computer all fixed now?

    Justine 😮 )

  4. 6

    Shell says

    I think we may have the same craft ability. My projects are few and far between, but when I accomplish them, it feels awesome.

    That looks GREAT!

  5. 42

    Kristin says

    Well if you're not crafty, you certainly are thrifty! LOL. It looks great. We have one too, get the fine point colored dry erase markers, one for each member of the family. Mine is too small to write who's doing what, so I just know who it is by the color, and you can be brown. LOL.

  6. 44

    Live.Love.Eat says

    Look at you getting your craft on. I think you should definitely stay on this avenue, you did a great job!!!!

  7. 49

    Adrian's Crazy Life says

    I think that is fabulous and you are very clever for thinking of it. I'm crafty and I probably would have been scared to try something like that. I'd be afraid I wouldn't get it on straight. Good job, crafty lady!

  8. 52

    Michelle says

    You are so cute! Good job you crafty girl you!

    I keep meaning to make one of those and have the vinyl cut down at my Dad's business. They are so darn cute.

  9. 56

    Shannon says

    Totally crafty! You know you are super creative. I have seen it many times before. There is nothing more creative than making something awesome and doing it cheap. LOVE IT!! Great work.

  10. 58

    Lula! says

    You are a genius. This IS crafty. And fantastic.

    What'd ya do with the gorgeous print of the flowers in a vase? And that's "vase," pronounced, "Vah-zzz," of course.

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