How to Make a Magazine Christmas Tree

Making a Magazine Christmas Tree is a DIY craft that is super easy, cheap {or free} and perfect for the holidays!  It’s a fabulous way to recycle magazines, especially all the holiday catalogs that start stacking up this time of year.  All it takes is a few folds of the magazine pages and eventually you have a perfectly shaped tree that you can have fun displaying.  Try using different sized magazines for different sized trees!

Magazine Christmas Tree

Directions for Making a Magazine Christmas Tree:

First:  Find a Magazine that you’d like to use.

Magazine Christmas Tree

Step 1:  Open the Magazine to the middle and then make the first fold by folding the right corner down along the inner spine of the magazine as shown in picture #1.

Step 2:  Make the second fold by folding the first fold over one more time so that the fold looks like a tie as illustrated in picture #2.

Step 3:  The third fold is made by folding up the bottom piece as shown in image #3 so that there is a flat and even edge on the bottom.  Super easy since there is already a line to follow with the line of the paper.

Magazine Christmas Tree

Step 4:  Continue this pattern for every page of the magazine.

Step 5:  You are done!  Doesn’t it look great? Super easy, right?  Now you can display it in your home for a fun vintage look!

Magazine Tree

Or, if you want to embellish your tree you can spray paint it, add ribbon or do whatever you want to give it a little bling.  I spray painted my trees with green spray paint and then added some gold glitter spray paint.  Next I added some ribbon for a whimsical look.

Magazine Christmas Tree

Magazine Christmas Trees

Magazine Christmas Tree

 I can’t decide if I like Magazine Christmas Trees embellished or plain better.  Either way, they are a fun craft that you can easily do with your kids, and the best part is that they are totally free!

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