M2 Sensitive Skin Collection Review & Giveaway

The M2 Sensitive Skin Collection is a complete skin care set created by M2 Skin Technologies, a company dedicated to creating clinical-grade products that produce professional results. M2 Sensitive Skin was designed specifically for those with sensitive, hyperpigmented, acne and rosacea-prone skin.  All of the products contain a rich blend of Mandelic and Malic Acids {both are Alpha Hydroxy Acids} which I’m told offers anti-inflammatory protection as well as complexion-boosting factors.  Mandelic and Malic acids are naturally anti-bacterial and hydrating, which is a combination I certainly want in my skin care products.  Algae extract is added to the products to help soothe and boost moisture through the treatment process.

So, let’s talk about the collection.  The M2 Skin collection consists of 3 pieces; a cleanser (6.76 fl.oz.), corrective treatment (1.7 fl.oz.), and moisturizer (1.7 fl.oz.).   I especially love the cleanser.  It comes out like a gel, foams up with water upon application and leaves your face feeling really, really clean.  The corrective treatment is applied after the cleanser on a dry face and is left on for 15 minutes before applying the moisturizer.  Also leaves a clean, crisp feeling.  The moisurizer is surprisingly light for a cream.  

I’ve been using the M2 Sensitive Skin collection for 3 weeks now, and I really have noticed results.  My face feels cleaner all day long, and firmer.  My pores appear smaller and the combination of ingredients never made me break out like new skin collections invariably do.  Most importantly, the combined effects of the collection have left my face hydrated this winter, which never happens.  

SkinCareRx would like to make your skin feel fantastic {like mine} by giving one of you the M2 Sensitive Skin Collection valued at $90.00. 

Rules:  Visit the SkinCareRx site and then come back here and tell me why you’d like to try the M2 Sensitive Skin Collection

For additional entries, update my information (www.sevenclowncircus.com) in your readers, subscribe to my blog if you are not already, add me to your Google Friend Connect, and/or add me to your Networked Blogs {you can find the widget in my right side bar at the bottom}.  Retweeting this contest is also worth an extra entry.

Seperate entries, please.  Contest ends January 14th at 11:59 PM PDT and is only open to US Residents.

Disclosure:  SkinCareRx provided me with the same bundle that is offered for giveaway, and made my skin HAPPY.

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  2. Marilyn Wons:

    I would like to try the collection since after reading about it I am totally impressed with the research that went into its creation.

  3. courtney:

    i learned the ingredients are full of Alpha Hydroxy Acids!

  4. courtney:

    following you on networked blogs (courtney bella)

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  6. Mellissa C:

    I love natural ingrediants like that the Malic Acid is a natural humectant, keeping skin hydrated throughout the day.

  7. Alicia:

    I would like to try it because of the anti-inflammatory Algae Evtract so it won’t irritate my skin

  8. Shell
    Twitter: shellthings

    I have really sensitive skin, so this would be perfect for me!

  9. Shell
    Twitter: shellthings


  10. Shell
    Twitter: shellthings

    Updated you in my reader.

    *Laughed b/c I tried to enter this comment and it said “you are posting comments too quickly. Slow down!”

  11. Julia:

    The product sounds great. A lot of research went into the creation.

  12. Michael:

    Natural ingredients – great research. Would love to try

  13. Hope L:

    I like that it is made with natural products, including a natural antibacterial.

  14. Hope L:

    Blog subscriber!

  15. Amy:

    I was very impressed with the research that has gone into developing a product for sensitive skin. I would actually give this to my Mom because every product she tries breaks her out into a bright red rash. I think this might be something that she could use! Thanks for the giveaway

  16. Amy:

    I follow via reader

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    I subscribe to your blog

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    I added you to my networked blogs

  19. Carol Harrity:

    The products offered are all wonderful items. I like that my very sensative, aged face can be helped by these skin care items.

  20. Mandy H:

    I need it for this reason: The strength behind M2 Skin Care is a potent combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids. Both ingredients are powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). Mandelic Acid is naturally antibacterial, making it the must-have for acne-prone skin. Still trying to find a product that works for me. Thanks.



  22. Amber G:

    I would love to try this because there is so much science behind its development and I have sensitive and irritated skin.

  23. Amanda Baird:

    I have had problems with red pigmentation since I was born and haven’t found a good way to combat it yet. I would love to try this system and see how it works.

  24. Dawn Katzoff:

    I like the ingredients, hydroxy, the natural ingredients. Sounds like a product that will work.

  25. Kathy Luman:

    I like that it keeps skin hydrated all day. At my age I need this.

  26. Kathy Luman:

    I’m following your blog via google friend connect.

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    I subscribed to your blog via google reader.

  28. Aisling:

    I’d love to try M2 Skin Care because it’s designed to tackle the most troublesome skin problems including aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

  29. Marci:

    I would love to try the TNS Night Eye Repair to help with my dark circles.

  30. Marci:


  31. mindy:

    because of all the natural ingredients in it thanks

  32. Stephanie V.:

    still haven’t found a skincare brand I like for my sensitive skin. this sounds like I could give it a good test
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  33. Jen:

    I want to win because I have really bad skin. And this cold winter weather isn’t helping at all!

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    E-mail subscriber

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  38. Bebe:

    My daughter has such sensitive skin…it would be perfect for her!

  39. Judy G:

    Time has not been my friend. This product sounds like it will help to turn back the clock.

  40. Judy G:

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  43. Theresa:

    I would love to try this because it’s formulated for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. “promote an even skin tone, reduce breakouts, fade acne scarring, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles by resurfacing the skin – without causing further irritation and stress”. Sounds awesome!

  44. Wehaf:

    I want to try this because I have acne, still, at age 28. I can’t find a moisturizer that doesn’t make me break out, or an acne treatment that doesn’t completely dry out my skin.

  45. erin m.
    Twitter: erinxduh

    The Boy Refinish looks like something i need before Spring comes around
    (t-shirts and tanks!)

  46. erin m.
    Twitter: erinxduh

    Follow on networkedblogs!

  47. ams:

    I never knew about malic acid or any of the other ingredients in this line. I’d really love to try their combination skin line including the NuCelle Mandelic cleanser.

  48. hj
    Twitter: creep4ward

    i follow you on google friend

    I would like to try these state of the art products for my very sensitive and acne-prone skin.

  49. Jessica
    Twitter: jjak2003

    I would love to try this because I have super sensitive somewhat dry skin that breaks out about once a month. This sounds like it would be gentle enough to soothe and cleanse my skin and prevent breakouts. I’m excited. Hope I win!
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  50. Jessica
    Twitter: jjak2003

    I follow through google friend connect
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  51. Shelly Miller:

    Sitting here with freshly washed totally red skin.. if this could help with all the natural ingredients, the alpha hydroxy, the malic acid.. i would invest in this forever!

  52. Deborah Wellenstein:

    I have such easily irritated skin-most of the products for sensitive skin are too much for me! Thanks!

  53. neely farrell:

    I need a new skin tx. we moved fr. the coast to the country my skin is drying out and nothing works… would love to win this line to help find a new routine!!

  54. Karen Pochodowicz:

    I would like to win because I do have sensitive skin.

  55. Pamela Callahan:

    I love the fact that the natural ingredients will not irritate your skin – my skin typically gets very red when I use any kind of anti-aging product

  56. Pamela Callahan:

    I subscribed via email

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    I follow on Google Friend Connect

  58. Sharon Harmon:

    I’d like to try the M2 Sensitive Skin Collection because it helps sooth and protect dry, sensitive skin and evens out pigmentation.

  59. Kristi C:

    I would like to try this because it targets acne and wrinkles.

  60. Kristi C:

    tweet http://twitter.com/5memb/status/7402082024

  61. Denise B.:

    I am 46 years old and now at the age where I’m prone to wrinking. I am also getting adult acne. This product all-round seems to take care of these problems.

  62. Cindy Merrill:

    My skin is extremely dry, and I learned Malic Acid is a natural humectant, keeping skin hydrated throughout the day. By adding anti-inflammatory Algae Extract, M2 Skin Care protects skin from the common irritation associated with AHAs.

  63. Bebemiqui:

    I’d actually love to give this to my sis who’s struggled with extremely sensitive skin since puberty. I’ll try anything to help her stop struggling with it!



  65. Darcie K:

    I would love to have this because not only is my skin dry, but I am starting to show signs of aging!

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  68. Sarah:

    I’d love to try it for my rosacea and blotchiness.

  69. Roxy:

    dry skin runs in the family and now that I’m living in a dry city it is impossible not to feel it in my skin!

  70. Roxy:

    google follower

  71. Monique Rizzo:

    I have very dry and flaky Skin. This would be so nice. Thanks for the chance. mogrill@comcast.net

  72. Valerie C.:

    This sounds really good. I’ have combination skin, fighting aging and some acne, redness and sensitivity. They say, ” The strength behind M2 Skin Care is a potent combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids”. I think I need these 2 in my routine! Thanks :)

  73. Valerie C.:

    Following your blog with Google Friend.

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    Subscribed by email too.
    Thanks :)

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    I did a tweet using your retweet button too:
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    Thanks !

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  77. Angela J:

    the skin recovery cream sounds like it would be just the thing for my aging skin

  78. Michael C:

    Tired my my dry winter skin, the itching is the worst

  79. tracy davis:

    I’d like to try the M2 Sensitive Skin Collection because it helps sooth and protect dry, sensitive skin and evens out pigmentation

  80. Jennifer I.:

    I like mandelic acid products, I always liked the original Mama lotion

  81. Heather d.:

    My skin has been seriously struggling from post baby hormones. It’s very dry one day and very oily the next…I’d love something that would work well for my sensitive skin.

  82. Gretchen:

    I would like to try the M2 Skin Collection because frankly I’m tired of trying to find a reason for people to stop asking me “have you been skiing?”. My skin is the result of a 16 year old laying out in the Florida sun and getting very bad burn. (Take note Teens: Sun Bad – very Bad) Ever since I have struggled to have a face that doesn’t look irritated. I have tried so many products that are supposed to help and they only irritate. I am a sucker for something “new. Fingers crossed here and I am off to tweet about it as well!

  83. Diane:

    I would love to try the M2 products because I bought MaMa lotion a few years ago for my daughter’s acne problems and she had great success with it. I’ve since learned that MaMa is sold as M2 that includes a cleanser moisturizer! I’m in my mid-40′s and have melasma from being on the pill. I’ve had a few chemical peels but would like to try the M2 instead of expensive treatment options.

  84. Pat:

    I’m impressed that free shipping is part of the M2 purchase. Thanks for
    the contest.

  85. Pat:

    I’m an email subscriber. Really enjoy your blog.

  86. Kirsten:

    I received an M2 sample with my last order to Skincare Rx and I was really impressed with it. Since I’m laid off right now and can’t buy anything else, I’d certainly love to have a free set to try. I bet it would do wonders for my adult acne.

  87. Cathey Cobb:

    I recieved a sample of M2 sometime ago and fell I love. I have been using green cream for years and noticed a huge difference immediatly. I would highly recccomend the m2 collection of products to anyone

  88. angie:

    I have dry skin, and this looks like a great remedy for it.

  89. banquetbabe:

    i would like to try this because my skin gets so dry in the MN winters! Help me pls!!

  90. Arch:

    I’d love a chance to try M2 Skincare because it seems like the perfect regimen that combines of potent ingredients that are effective enough to address my skin issues — fine lines and hyperpigmentation — while not causing additional irritation, and seems like a pleasure to use.

  91. Deana C:

    I would like to try this due to my sensitive skin.

  92. Cynthia C:

    I’d love to treat my age lines with a gentle product. This one looks very nice. Thanks for the chance!

  93. Cynthia C:

    Following on Google Friend Connect (clc408)

  94. Nancy:

    I have used M2 Skin Refinish 12% for 8 weeks now and I have definately seen improvements in my acne-prone and post-acne-scarred face with no breakouts at all. I would love to try the whole M2 Sensitive Skin Collection but it’s out of my budget at this moment although I would like to see my skin conditions improve. A plus for me is that this stuff is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which was the main reason why I bought it and works perfect for me. Good luck!

  95. kelly wakefield:

    I love the fact that the natural ingredients will not irritate your skin

  96. AlenaT:

    I would love to find a product that works well for my skin.

  97. Shelly Turner:

    Wow! all the great comments really make me wanna try this. As a teen I never had breakouts. Now at 26 years old, my skin is very sensitive. Ive tried many different products that have not helped. It gets expensive buying products to try for a little while and give away because they dont work for me.

  98. Honey Mommy:

    I would love to try this. My skin has been terribly dry this winter and nothing seems to help. Hopefully this lotion would sooth and protect my dry, sensitive skin. That it helps even out pigmentation is even better!

  99. Honey Mommy:

    p.s. I have already updated your information on my blog roll!

  100. Sara Thompson:

    I love that it has natural ingredients. Sounds great for my skin.

  101. Denice P:

    i would like to try the m2 as it states that malic acid is a natural humectant and it helps keep skin soft for the day. sometimes that is what we all need.

  102. Denice P:

    i tweeted:


  103. Melissa:

    I would love to try this because I have very sensitive skin that gets terribly dry in winter months!

  104. Ashley:

    i have very sensitive skin that gets very dry and itchy

  105. Katie:

    I have just placed my first order with SkinCareRx and I am so excited! I have been reading about the M2 line (formerly MaMa, as I found out) and I’m not sure if I want to take the plunge yet and order it. I am in graduate school and I have to know that pricey skin care products work for me before I get them…I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and I would be so grateful if I could give this mandelic/malic acid system a try, as I have tried everything from Retin-A and antibiotics to Pro-Activ and birth control. Thank you!

  106. john fink:

    i would love to try this as my skin gets dry and flaky every winter

  107. Deanna G.:

    I’d love to try the M2 Sensitive Skin Collection because I’m always looking for new skincare products to try out & I have sensitive skin so it’s hard to find one that doesn’t irritate my skin. This line sounds perfect! :)

  108. Deanna G.:

    I subscribe to your feed w/Google Reader!

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    I follow with Google Friend Connect.

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    I also follow with Networked Blogs!

  111. Michelle:

    All through my teens and twenties, I fought oily, pimple-prone skin. Now that I’m in my thirties, I still fight oily, pimple-prone skin. However, I also fight dry, flaky skin AND fine lines. Trying to find a product that will take care of MY skin is almost impossible. The first paragraph on the homepage of the M2 Skin Care site talks about all of my skin problems, promising a solution, and I would love to give it a try. :)

  112. Susan C
    Twitter: ptowngirl25

    I would like to try this to help shrink my enlarged pores.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  113. scarlette:

    Mandelic Acid is naturally antibacterial, making it the must-have for acne-prone skin

  114. Sharon A:

    I would like to try M2 because it is designed to help sensitive skin.

  115. Debra F:

    Their site says that it contains Mandelic Acid is naturally antibacterial, making it the must-have for acne-prone skin. This would be perfect for me even at 40, I still get pimples.

  116. Debra F:

    I follow via google connect.

  117. Ken Robinson:

    I could use this for my dry, rough, itchy skin. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  118. Linda Lansford:

    I want to try it because my skin needs help

  119. hazel hunt:

    Would love to win this!!

  120. judith parker:

    I would love to win this product. At my age I need all the help I can get!

  121. Judy G:

    tweet – http://twitter.com/jtgreenw/status/7609329406

  122. kim eddings:

    the sensitive skin care collection will help my dry, flaky skin in the hot desert summers.

  123. Denise:

    I’d love to try this set ~ especially the cleanser!!!

  124. Jill Myrick:

    I would love to try the M2 Sensitive Skin Collection for fine lines and wrinkles,acne scars and rosacea.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  125. Jill Myrick:

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  129. Holly G.:

    So many products irritate my skin. I like the fact that these products are for sensitive skin.

  130. christopher h:

    i’d like to try it because it helps sensitive skin

  131. R Hicks:

    I would like to try these because of the formulation and because my skin is very sensitive

  132. R Hicks:

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    ardy2222 at gmail dot com

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  137. Judy G:

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  138. Vanessa:

    I would love to try this because my skin is so sensitive and dry! Thx!

  139. Happi Shopr
    Twitter: http://chisumscrew.blogspot.com/

    I would love to see if this works on my Adult Onset Acne since nothing I have tried so far has.

  140. Happi Shopr
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  142. Bryanna P.:

    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!….would love to win this!…. =]

  143. Julie L:

    I would like my daughter to try this-her skin is extremely sensitive and dry

  144. Julie L:

    email subscriber

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  147. Sharon Seneker:

    I like the many Anti-Aging Products like the Glycolic Elite Facial Cream! Thanks! senekers@comcast.net

  148. Kristy:

    I have very dry skin especially in the winter. I think the malic acid in this would be great for my skin because malic acid ” is a natural humectant, keeping skin hydrated throughout the day”

  149. karen:

    My skin is dry. I would love to try M2 products because I’m always on the lookout for non-irritating products.

  150. Tatum V:

    I would love to try this because my skin so so sensitive that I have a hard time finding anything I can use..Plus my skin looks awful & really needs something..

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    Retweet (@tatum810)..

  154. Christie
    Twitter: heaventrees

    I have sensitive skin and finding products that don’t irritate it is a challenge. The M2 sounds like it would be beneficial to me. I like the anti-inflamatory ingredients.

  155. JMARIE:

    My skin seems to get more sensitive the older I get..I think this mught mbe great for it….Thanks for the giveaway!

  156. Erma:

    I have sensitive skin and this would help me.

  157. Rebecca Peters:

    I would like to win this because it seems to be really great for your skin. and even helps keep it hydrated!

  158. Rebecca Peters:

    I subscribe via email

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    I follow on google friends

  160. Charity S.:

    I would love to try the M2 Skin Care System because it will will transform skin from flawed to flawless. Thanks

  161. Charity S.:

    subscribed via yahoo reader.

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  163. Emily:

    I’d love to try the M2 system because it looks like it would be effective without being harsh on my skin – something I really need!

  164. Emily:

    Tweeted: http://twitter.com/anylit/status/7721969060

  165. lisa:

    I suffer with rocacea and i am really impressed with this product claims as well as the before and after photo on their site.

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  171. shawna:

    I have sensative skin and am still searching for the right skin care products..maybe this could be them.

  172. Molly K:

    I would love to try this because I have really sensitive skin and I have tried many products and they either dry out my skin or they make it break out even more. I would love to see if this would help me.

  173. Molly K:

    I subscribe.

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    I follow.

  175. Isaac A.:

    I live in Cleveland, and each winter my skin looks horrible, I would love to try this and see if it helps me out.

  176. Suzanne:

    I like that it also helps with skin prone to acne as so many facial products are too moisture-intensive and cause my skin to break out.

  177. Courtney mason:

    I would like to use AHAs but I have sensitive skin.

  178. Stephanie Adkins:

    I just turned 42 and my skin is showing signs of wear and tear. I really need the help.

  179. Jennifer G:

    My skin is super sensitive, so I really think this would be perfect for me.

  180. Martha Payne:

    I want to try the M2 Sensitive Skin Collectionb/c I want my skin to feel fantastic, too!
    Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at) gmail.com

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  185. Jannet Tseng:

    It can help me get rid of my acnes.

  186. Martha Payne:

    I tweeted about your contest! un: codisweepstakes
    codisweepstakes2 (@) gmail.com

  187. Jennifer gersch:

    id like this for my sensitive skin

  188. Susan Ledet:

    I would love to win this for my sister who has very sensitive skin. She’s been looking for new products made for her type of skin and this sounds like it would be perfect for her.

  189. Susan Ledet:

    I follow.

  190. Susan Ledet:

    I’m also a subscriber.

  191. susan smoaks:

    sounds like it would really be helpful with my skin problems

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  194. Terry C:

    I’d like to try this because I have very sensitive skin and it’s hard to fund products that don’t irritate it.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

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  198. Pamela S:

    I have hyperpigmentation and rosacea both so this would be great to try to see if it could help. I thought this quote was interesting “The strength behind M2 Skin Care is a potent combination of Mandelic and Malic Acids. Both ingredients are powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs).” Thanks.

  199. Pamela S:

    Just signed up to follow you! Thanks.

  200. dorothy l:

    I would love to try it because I have sensitive skin and it gets really bad in the winter time

  201. Susan Smith:

    I just turned 47 and my skin is showing signs of age. I really need the help

  202. gina:

    I want flawless, hydrated skin.

  203. gina:

    I subscribe via email.

  204. kathy pease:

    i would love to try this because even though i am older now i still get occasional breakouts this sounds like it would be wonderful in combating this problem

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  208. Tim Hughes:

    I have had serious problems with dry skin due to the harsh winter weather that I am subject to here in Wisconsin and I have not been able to find any type of facial moisturizer that works without making my skin break out worse and I would love to try this.

  209. Tim Hughes:

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  215. Gloria:

    I’d like to win because I still get breakouts occasionally and this sounds like it would help a lot!

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  220. DEBIJOT:

    I like that their products produce professional results.

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  223. Chrysa
    Twitter: http://www.thriftyjinxy.com/

    I would love to win because I think it would be really good for my skin, especially in the harsh winter.

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