Living in the Past

I’m starting to worry about myself.

I’m starting to live in the past.   In a manner of speaking.

I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that it’s not only the last day of 2009, but the last day of a decade. 

A decade.

A very busy decade.  I’ve done more in this decade {I’m pretty sure} than any other decade of my life……..I guess it’s no wonder it’s flown by.

Parenting by Dummies got me thinking this morning. 

What have I accomplished this decade?  As I mentioned earlier.  Lots.  For me.


Giving birth.  To a bunch of kids.  That’s a lot of months busy being pregnant and lactating, let me tell you! 

Celebrating a decade of marital bliss.

Graduating from college.  After dropping out the previous decade 2 classes short of degree.

Getting published for the first time.

Starting a blog, and sticking with it.

Finding out that I LOVE writing.  Even if it’s just a few short sentences a day.

Dreaming about getting my graduate degree.

Finding a love of service.

Moving.  A lot.  Coast to coast, North to South.

Meeting new friends.  Like you. 

Thank you for sticking with me.

I told you a few days ago that I was having a giveaway to thank you for following me over to my own domain here at WordPress.  Mark your calendars.  Monday, January 11th-Friday the 15th are the big days.  I’m giving away some of my favorite things each day.  Now, don’t get too excited.  I’m funding all of my giveaways so we’re not talking anything like my new favorite thing, my Ipod touch {thank you, Jeff}, but, what I am giving away are pretty great in my humble opinion.



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    Fingers crossed that I’ll score big on giveaway day. I mean, after being all inspirational and stuff! Thanks for the shout out, Angie. And, I forgot to mention that one of the best things about this year in particular was going to SITScation and meeting all of the lovely, sweet, super freakin’ cool bloggers I love to read (aka you). Here’s to another awesome 10, or 50 years!

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    Well, my blog roll starts anew tomorrow. I’d be honored if you participate again in 2010. Leave a comment and you’re on the blog roll! Thanks for visiting and commenting in 2009.

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    Congratulations! You have accomplished a lot in this decade.

    I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a great blog you have. I first started reading because of Wordful Wednesday, but soon began reading and enjoying other days that you write. I appreciate that you write respectfully and in a dignified way. It feels like you put yourself in the position of your readers and are gracious in the way that you write.

    In this day of so much anonymous behavior, its great to read a genuine blog.

    Thanks for being so nice 🙂

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    Wow, you have been busy and CONGRATS on all of your fine accomplishments. I wish I could say I was as energetic this past decade. I believe the only thing my family has been busy at was losing three very important people and a few important people. Very important was my Mom & Step Dad, and we also lost my husband’s mom/my best friend, BUT I’ve gained six-grandchildren and a two son-in-laws. Time marches on!

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    Jealous of the new site. JEALOUS with a capitol GREEN EYE. I’ve missed you m’dear… taking myself in a new arena this year… cuz I can’t help myself that’s why… and unclear on the speaking at EVO, I will for sure be there and I will for sure be helping a lot, sounds like I might be a moderator or something like that though? Do you want to speak… you should email Jyl and pitch her… srsly…

  6. 12


    So are you going to take a bit of time? lol
    Been a great year, decade, start to the new millennium. Love the move and look, hope you have a fabulous new year!

  7. 13


    Hey girl thanks for the update on the new blog, looks amazing!

    Yes, WOW a decade, hard to believe eh? I hope you have a great new year since its now 2010! You’ve accomplished alot! Congrats!

    Can’t wait for the new giveway and yes I love my iPod Touch too, its really WOW!

  8. 17


    you finished a degree AND had 5 babies! my hero for new year’s day twenty ten! welcome to wordpress – love the red and yellow – so festive angie!

  9. 18


    Happy New year, Angie! I love the new blog look! And yep, you’ve accomplished a hell of a lot. A lot more than me for sure!

    Justine 😮 )

  10. 40


    Happy New Year! I keep focusing on the new year that I hadn’t really thought too much on it being a new decade. Yikes. You HAVE done a lot, you can be proud how you spent the time so now it’s onward!!!!

  11. 41


    Your blog is so cool!!

    And I was emailing with Motherboard tonight and she said that you have submitted a request to present at the blogger conference. That is great! I am glad you are coming.

  12. 44

    Jenners says

    Isn’t it weird to look back on a decade like this and realize how much you did in 10 years!!! ?? And you did a LOT! Take it easy for the next 10, OK?

    Happy New Year! And I love the new digs!

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    Hey look, under the premise of being totally honest and offering full disclosure, I’m only here for the freebies. Kind of like a Costco shopper. You know; take a look around and then wander mindlessly from aisle to aisle waiting 3 minutes for a small portion cup of frozen lasagna to be finished while blocking the lane for everyone else.

    So, can I request something else for the 11th? I’m in need of a menu idea for My Superbowl party and want to try those new frozen Mexican chick taquito roll-ups. Would you be able to give those away as well? I saw them at Sam’s Club one time.

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    Goes quickly doesn’t it? And you may be in luck because I was just reading something in the paper the other day that 09 is not the end of the decade, but 10 is. Something about decades have to technically start in a ‘1’ year and end in ’10’.

    I’m not sure what happens with year ‘0’, lol. What is that? A practice year? I don’t get it. BUT…if you look at it this way…you’ve got an extra year in the decade to complete stuff! lol.

    (my glass is half full)

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    I hadn’t check my blog email in a little while and BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!
    I can’t wait to start another year reading your stories 😉
    Happy New Year!

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    Where I attend serinamy, they allow laptops, but they have a new policy that students are not allowed to do anything on their computer during classtime that is not directly class-related. I bet if the profs wanted to they could check on this. If we are given a policy like this and we give our word, we need to follow it. Why pay tuition to goof off?

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