Life through Garrett’s eyes

I wish I had the ability to really experience life through my children’s eyes, even if just for an hour.

I think this just may be the closest I’ll ever come.

I gave #3 free rein with my camera and 200 shots later, I had an idea.

Life for my 4 year old contains mystery and interest in the every day.

Life is up close and personal.

Life contains objects, and people.

Life contains trash.

Life is alive.

Life has color.

Life moves as quickly as the click of the mouse.
How do you think a child’s view of “life” is different from your own?


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    My name is Tammie says

    That is so cool. I love that you let him have the camera for a little while for a glimpse into his mind. What a beautiful opportunity.

  2. 3

    I am Arizona; a person, not a place. says

    I love the photo of the piggies. Luke has a digital camera and has taken tons of photos that at first I was going to delete. As I looked through them I realized he was taking photos of things he found interesting, so I kept them all. There are lots of photos of his toys and the ceiling fan.

  3. 5

    stefanie says

    I think in some ways kids are smarter than we are because they still know all the things we have forgotten. Maybe we should be teaching them to remember the things they already know instead of spending so much time filling them with the ‘important’ stuff.

    I have some great pics El took a few years ago of stuffed animals, stairs, walls, fuzzy people…

    Great post, Angie!

  4. 6

    Melissa says

    Those are some decent shots. I love the one of the animals.

    I think the lesson here is to not forget the small stuff, huh?

  5. 7

    mannequin says

    hmm.. That’s a very good idea Angie. I will steal it.

    It’s wonderful how he’s captured textures, shapes and colors. No pretension; they ask nothing more than what they are.
    What an amazing insight into your child. I wonder if we had an album of each year of their photographs they had taken if they would become more ostentatious as the years go by.

  6. 8

    Rhea says

    God Bless digital cameras, that we can give into our children’s creativity. I love it!

    Very abstract views.

    Children see things…a lot shorter.


    and purer.

  7. 9

    The Pink Potpourri says

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    so please email me your mailing info when you have a chance, and I’ll forward it onto Casey so she can send you your prize!

    great pics 🙂 i always enjoy reading your posts!

  8. 11

    the schirano triplets says

    what a fantastic idea! i am so going to steal/borrow it! i love seeing his perspective… life must look quite different to a 4 year old then the one we think we are showing him/her.

  9. 16

    Mom2FiveBratz says

    your kids ages 2-8, i remember those days and i will say, it gets easier!! (and louder) mine are ages 9-18. (maverick 9, Hunter 12, Dakota 13, Ashton 15 and Tifeni 18)

  10. 19

    Jill says

    Oh how I love the photos that kids take…

    My dad let my now 5 year old take tons of photos with his camera – I downloaded them and made them into a calendar for him. It was filled entirely with shots of tushies, hands, half of heads, lots of feet, and many blurry shots. We all got a good laugh out of it.

  11. 20

    Kacey Randolph says

    What a great idea! Ryder amazes me every day with some of the things he says and just how simple he keeps everything in perspective. I envy that and hope he always keeps a part of that with him. I can’t wait to see what he would take pictures of!

  12. 22

    The Shillingburg's says

    I got your swap package in the mail…unfortunately, I also rec’d the package I sent to you. I had put the wrong zip code. I’m putting it back in the mail today or tomorrow. I’ve already read Pride and Prejudice…LOVED IT!!! Let me know when you get your package. Thanks again!

  13. 23

    Vicki says

    We have given our 6 year old our old camera and are constantly given images like this to see 🙂 You know, some of these could really be considered great modern art (wink)…if only we knew someone with a gallery…

  14. 24

    Veggie Mom says

    I think we filter so much more than children do! I like their frank, honest assessments, even in photos. These photos are priceless! BTW, got a Great New Giveaway going on over at my place, to commemorate my 100th post–please stop by!

  15. 26

    Mrs. S says

    Those pictures are actually very good…good angles and such. Very cool.

    Sometimes I think that my Moose sees life from a very laid-back point of view. Not much bothers him but then when things aren't going his way (like if I'm holding a baby at daycare & can't pick him up, too or a kid at daycare takes his toy or pushes him down), then life gets rough. Things were so much easier when it was just us.

  16. 28

    girlytwins says

    What a great idea Angie. I bet he enjoyed exploring life with your camera as much as you enjoyed life thru his eyes.

    I think he also has your photo talent. 🙂

  17. 29

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    my life is probably different in that he is looking at the colors and the objects. I am thinking oh, that door knob needs to be polished and that plant needs to be watered. I hope he keeps his eyes open to the world this way. He just may be an artist.

  18. 30

    Good N Crazy says

    Hey, never thought of this before…but I have some great ones from the kid taking pictures too!

    THE PIGGY’s! Oh the piggy’s.

    GNO tomorrow, Mr. Linky is up, first try testing it out…

    Add your twitter URL and then add your blog URL if you want!

  19. 32

    les_mason_curt says

    ok, so my MS office is not working and I cannot figure out how to e-mail you… i have a question for you, could you send me your e-mail in text, pretty plese? I am kind of slow when it comes to computers sometimes…

  20. 34

    Weeksie50 says

    Great post.
    I have 27 darling 4 year olds in my class.. and I often wonder how thier minds work. I get to witness their cute little quirks daily.. but still some of the stuff they come up with is hilarious..

  21. 35

    Live.Love.Eat says

    Awe, too cute! They see things more simply than we do. A happier, more simplistic view for sure. Like when they see trash, they see bunches of cool stuff, we see oh man, gotta take it out again ALREADY! But really, too sweet you gave him free reign!!!!

  22. 36

    Angie's Spot says

    This is an idea I’ve been thinking of doing with my (almost) 4 yr old. She sees things in such simpler terms and I would love to see some perspective from her. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. 37

    raising4boys says

    My 4 year old got a hold of my camera last week…I discovered he was wandering the neighborhood and that my batteries are now low.

    I liked this post. Fun to see his photos.

  24. 38

    Mekhismom says

    What a nice post. i love the photos. I think children stop and admire the small things in life more than I do. If your son can see beauty in a trash can – and it actually does look beautiful – it reminds me that I need to see beauty in the simply things too.

  25. 39

    Shelle-BlokThoughts says

    Are you kidding…if I did that, I wouldn’t HAVE a camera to see anything with! lol! What a cool think to do though…I love that!

  26. 40

    Debateur says

    Those pictures really confirm what I’ve always thought about kids. They take pleasure in the simple things. It’s too bad that so many of us forget that as we get older.

  27. 41

    Jaysi says

    That is too funny! When I give Luke my camera, he can’t stop taking pictures of our family. I end up with pictures of my butt, and all kinds of stuff I don’t really want to see.

  28. 44

    AVT Coach says

    Thank you for the sweet post. I love these pictures!! So up close and personal, but also..forgive me..but a language opportunity. Can he name all of the objects he took a picture of..? door knob, plant, faucet, trashbag? I think I just gained a therapy idea! Thanks!

  29. 46

    Karen says

    My kids both love to “take pictures.”. Jimmy is 12 so some of his actually come out really great. Mal, not so much, but it’s fun to see what she sees!! (Even if it is the toilet plunger…..)

  30. 49

    Kimberly says

    You know…this idea is genius! The more time I spend with children, the more I realize how differntly they look at life. Life is to be appreciated and kids know that. I mean, ants and mud and hinges and holes and all kinds of things inspire kids. Until we tell them those things are insignificant, they understand the importance of all the little things.
    I love seeing the world through fresh eyes. Especially kids’.
    Loved your post!

  31. 52

    Blissful Nikki says

    this is a great idea! I gave my daughter one of my old digital cameras and she love randomly snapping photos! Its really cool to see what they see!

  32. 54

    Elaine A. says

    This is kind of on the same topic but a little off…

    We had a fridge that had just the one door when I was growing up (well one for the fridge and one for the freezer.) I remember being so excited when I could finally see over the door to the fridge. I try to think of that sometimes when I wonder what my boys see…

  33. 57

    armyfamilyok says

    I love the photos, Angie!! He took some great pics and looks like he had fun doing it. It’s so amazing to see what they see. Their view is just so much different than ours. Makes you want to step back and look again. I think we’re the ones missing things, not the kids!!

  34. 60

    Tiffany says

    This is such a great idea. Love the pics.

    At our wedding, the kids got ahold of the disposable cameras.. those were some interesting shots.

  35. 62

    Scary Mommy says

    My daughter has a Fisher Price camera and her shots are hilarious! I love seeing what’s important to her- it’s so sweet.

  36. 64

    Philigry says

    i lov all of those pictures! thye look alot like my son’s work!
    i so remember being young, and wanting to be big. everything seemed so exciting to me. Now, i think it still is (exciting) but in such a different way.

  37. 65

    Mandy says

    I posted several months ago about Lauren’s ability to hear the small things, things I don’t listen to or for, but she will ask, hey mom, do you hear the dog barking, or can you hear the birds, etc….and I am usually too busy to stop and listen. Same goes with your photo’s, how we take the small things for granted. Aren’t kids great!

  38. 67

    Molly says

    I love that my son has a different, innocent view on the world and life, and isn’t skewered like mine! Sometimes it amazes me just to talk to him. And I love the simple things, like when I measured his height and told him he was just above 3 feet and he looked down and looked at me totally bewildered and said “but mom, I only have two feet” while pointing to his feet!

  39. 70

    Genny says

    I’ve given my kids free reign with the camera before too…it’s so fun to see what they think is picture worthy. And it really does make you think!

    Great post1

  40. 72

    Emily says

    LOVE IT!

    My kids got the camera once and the outcome was hilarious! I think I had to erase a few shots of poop in the toilet though. BOYS!

  41. 74

    Tulsi says

    These are so cute. I’m taking time to “smell the roses” and read blogs. I love these photo’s and that you have them.

  42. 75

    Crazymamaof6 says

    i love this. my kids took my camera to Disneyland,last week and they got to tour “the dream suite” i was amazed at the things they took pictures of. tile, walls,carpets,TV’s pictures on the walls, and to see the stuff they chose to take pictures of the whole time gave me a glimpse of what they saw since i wasn’t there.

    it differs because of the view. the minute, and inconsequential things they take note of, that we totally overlook because we are too busy thinking ahead, or stressing about stuff. while they take note in the small stuff. and to them is seems big.

  43. 76

    DysFUNctional Mom says

    Did you know they make digis for kids? I keep saying I’m going to get one for the Princess. She loves taking pictures and is pretty good at it! And it’s cool to see what she decides to photograph.
    Loved these pics!

  44. 77

    Heather says

    This is a great thing to do. It’s amazing how the little one take time to enjoy the small things in life.

    Some of the shots are pretty awesome too. I love the abstract feel and look of the everyday objects.


  45. 79

    Dana says

    What an awesome idea! I love it! Last time my kids touched my camera, they broke the glass on the viewing part…..UGH!

    I’ve tagged you….if you’re interested….or have the time!

    See my blog for rules.

  46. 82

    Queen to my 3 Boys says

    Love it! Especially the piggybank.

    I gave my oldest a disposable camera when we went to Disneyland. He was almost 3. I loved seeing his perspective! Some of the pictures turned out better than mine! *grin*

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