I was planning on having a little rant fest about my kids today.

I was going to tell you that last week (make that 2 weeks ago. I forgot to publish this) wasn’t my week.

I intended to explain to you in minute detail why my children get into worse trouble than your kids.

I had stories to tell.

Like the one about having to rush my daughter to Urgent Care for stitches when she fell by the pool.

Or the one about looking outside and seeing my trash cans turned on their sides. With my 3 boys playing inside of them. Can we all say disgusting?

Lest I forget, there is the one where I found my twins covered in black car dust on the top of my van.

And then there is the one about walking into my bathroom only to find my glass Q-tip holder-jar smashed all over the tile with a brand-new-gallon-sized-bottle of mouth wash dripping into all of my drawers and covering the floor.

But then, I heard that my sister in law went into her finished basement to discover 4 inches of water covering the floor from a stopped tub with the water left running.

I’m pretty sure she had a worse week than me.

I’m also pretty sure now that my children don’t hold any records for trouble making.


  1. 2

    scrappysue says

    indeed, but it's all relative isn't it = well, literally for you, but ya know what i mean!

    perspective is a great thing – it was probably in short supply when you were watching the mouthwash creating a lovely blue(?)wave down your bathroom cabinets!

    let's hope this week is better for you angie!

  2. 5

    mommaof4wife2r says

    poor SIL…hope things are cleaned up and normalized again there. but i have to shout out a big fat GROSS about the trash cans!

  3. 10

    Becca says

    Oh no! My son had stitches this summer, too… from running by the pool! I know how you feel!

    This week HAS to better, right?

  4. 11

    Get Real Girl says

    Reading your post makes me think of my girlfriend that is awaiting her first child. . .she has no idea what the term "Mom" really means.

    Some days are not easy, but it seems we can always find another mom that has stories that are worse.

    Hope your week is filled with better mommy moments.

  5. 14

    Life with Kaishon says

    Oh my gosh. I can't even imagine the basment flooding…..because of an over run bath tub. I am sure the coal coverd boys on top of the car was not a delight. Kaish and his friends ALL like to stand on top of our car. WHAT IS THE THRILL? I will never know. And I have yelled about it eleventy eleventy million times. I am giving up! : )

  6. 17

    Liz (Loving Mom 2 Boys) says

    is it weird that I would rather find the 4 inches of water than my boys playing in the trash cans (ewwwww…..)

  7. 18

    girlytwins says

    Well I guess they hold no records but they sure were on the right track LOL. Your poor SIL, that's awful. Hope this week brings better behaviors and less accidents. Is Emma/Grace ok?

  8. 19

    parentingBYdummies says

    That SUCKS! Only time we had a flood in our house it was 'caused by me. So, I guess I'm the worst kid in the house which totally flies in the face of my life motto: It wasn't me!

  9. 20

    Genny says

    Your poor sister in law!

    Sorry to laugh about your kid-mishaps, Angie, but the one about the trash cans had me cracking up. 🙂

  10. 23

    Kelly Deneen says

    Oh boy. Well, despite her flood, you have still had a heck of a week! I think you need a glass of wine and a massage.

  11. 25

    Kirsty @ Gone Bananas says

    Knocking on wood right now! I'm sure once Meg hits her tween years I'll have plenty of drama to blog about. ~grin~

  12. 28

    Kara says

    Sounds like one of those weeks. If it's any consolation, mine have pulled some stunts themselves. Your poor sister! That does put it in perspective, doesn't it?

  13. 29

    SupahMommy says

    oh man.

    hey seven clown kids.

    My daughter thought it would be FUN to put ICE CREAM SPRINKLES in her drink today.. .. except there were no sprinkles left CUZ SHE SPILLED ALL THE SPRINKLES ON MY FLOOR.

    and of course.. the dogs won't eat sprinkles.. OH SURE… pepperoni's. but not sprinkles.. NOT WHEN I NEED THEM.

    hang in there

    and seven clown kids…

    Y- she- otta.


  14. 30

    Cecily R says

    Ahhhhh. We could all swap horror stories. But honestly, life would be a huge bore without the little stinkers.

    P.S. LOVE the way you wrote this post. 🙂

  15. 32

    WhisperingWriter says


    My son tried to play in the trash can before. Luckily I spotted him right before he climbed in but he still tells me that it looks like fun to sit in.

  16. 34

    Michelle says

    I think that if I found my kids on top of my car I probably would have been torn between wanting to rip them down to running to get my camera…then ripping them down.

  17. 36

    Lolli says

    Eww! I'm still creeped out over the garbage can. That is SO something my kids would do….except that I think our outside can is too stinky even for them!

    Poor sister in law!

  18. 39

    Casey's trio says

    GASP**** I'd have a heart attack if I walked into 4 inches of water! So glad that wasn't your darling children. Although, it does sound like you've been earning your fair share of grey hairs 🙂

  19. 40

    Cascia says

    How awful for both of you! But I totally understand. My kids do things like that all the time. But I never experienced a mess like your sister-in-law did.

  20. 41

    Brenda Jean says

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I think you both have me beat hands down. Wow, you ladies deserve a day out ALONE:)

    I just had arguing teens, but no mess and no flooding.

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