Joke’s on me…

When I was born though, the joke was on my dad. Or was it my mom? I can’t decide. I’ve been trying ever since to trump my first April Fool’s joke, but for some reason I always fall short. It’s sort of hard to top my April Fool’s genius when I was 0. I mean, do you know anyone else with the fore thought and ingenuity able to pull off the trick I did at birth? When my moms water broke on April 1st, I’m sure my mom and dad thought they’d been fooled. When I couldn’t wait 15 minutes to get to the hospital to be born like most Western civilization babies, and my dad had to “catch” me on the way out (on the side of the road with a foot of snow on the ground and no interior vehicle lights, I might add) he surely must have felt that the April Fools joke was complete. But no. I didn’t stop there. I decided that the rural hospital wasn’t to my fancy so I held my breath and decide to labor my breathing. Voila! Trick worked and I got to be the very first passenger in a brand new transport ambulance…..that was too high for the outgoing arches. Crash, Boom, Bang.
So, I ask you. Have you ever had someone pull an April Fool’s prank on you that rivals the one I pulled on my parents? One of these days I’ll tell you about my second best April Fool’s prank, but for now, I’ve got to get the birthday bustle in my hustle. Or something like that.

Are you wondering yet whether nor not you should believe what you see? I’m picturing a few internal dialogues like, “is she really pregnant? Again? I thought she was done? Isn’t 5 enough?” Did I “get” any of you? Please tell me I did, because I love a good joke, and believe it or not, I’ve had this idea in the back of my head since I found this positive pregnancy test about 5 minutes ago laying in my drawer from the twins.

Happy Fooling!


  1. 1

    Connie says

    You got me!! Happy Birthday Angie. Have a wonderful day!! BTW one more wouldn’t be so bad huh????

  2. 2

    Jeremiah R. Jones says

    I, for one, found it totally believable that you peed on a stick and stuck in in your drawer for a few years….

    Happy Birthday!

    Mr. T sez, “I pity da foo!”

  3. 3

    Melissa says

    Yes, you got me! I was wondering if 6 was your magic number!!

    Happy Birthday, Angie!! You April fool, you!

  4. 4

    Laura says

    I have to laugh I did not even realize the joke until you wrote it out. I think I just know you all too well. Happy Birthday!
    I love your birth story. I would NEVER want that to happen to me.

  5. 5

    Shannon says

    You didn’t get me you fooler! I knew there were no new babies coming to your house. But great trick! I must tell you that it suits you to a T that you came into the world that way. Fascinating and funny from birth…PERFECT!

    Happy birthday my special friend!

  6. 6

    andrea j says

    I wondered for a sec… I was trying to see if it looked like a google picture, but it does look like you took it.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it’s a good one…

  7. 8

    Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I did wonder for half a second and those exact words went through my head. Really. and then didin’t she say 5’s it we’re done! However my friend said that same thing at 4 but still had a surprise baby number 5! 🙂

    My sister was born April 1st too! We used to tell her she was a “joke”… She didn’t really appreciate us much back then! 🙂

  8. 9

    Robin says

    Happy birthday!

    Wow, your (own) birth story actually trumps my having Maya in the back seat of our car. I love that!

  9. 10

    Laurie M. says

    I was fooled. I totally believed the picture until I read on. Happy Birthday- I love your story!

  10. 11

    The Pruetz Family says

    The story is fantastic! Is IT true??? I wasn’t able to see the picture of the test using Safari, but when I opened your blog in FireFox, I saw it and realized what everyone was talking about. I am sure if I hadn’t inadvertently cheated, I would have totally believed you!

    The question is…why do you have a positive pregnancy test lying around???

  11. 12

    Gunnisac Sandersons says

    LOL!!!! You had me there. I was getting all excited for you to have another cute little baby. Dashed those hopes. Just Kidding. Happy Birthday!!!!

  12. 13

    Yes, my name is Arizona says

    Too funny. I still have all four of the sticks I peed on when I found out I was pregnant with the twins. We were going to tell our families that I was pregnant again with another set of twins, but then we realized it just wasn’t very funny….

  13. 14

    Churchill says

    I saved both the positive tests I took. Not sure why… just seemed like the thing to do. And yes, you did trick me with that picture.

    Happy Birthday!

  14. 15

    Josh and Betsie says

    Happy Birthday. I am pretty sure I remember reading something that you weren’t having anymore so i didn’t think you were pregnant unless it was some miracle. But heck it happens right? I hope you had a great day.

  15. 22

    Debra says

    Happy Birthday!

    Yeah… your April Fool’s Joke is better than my twin one… YOU WIN! Your poor dad must have been FREAKING OUT!

    I knew you could not be pregnant. Joseph went to school and told everyone I was having TRIPLETS! LOL

    I keep pregnancy sticks too! LOL

  16. 23

    angie says

    Normally, I wouldn’t have a positive pregnancy test “lying around”. However, I was living with my in-laws when I got pregnant and I didn’t want the test found in the trash before I was ready to tell anyone I was pregnant. So I kept it. Then after I found it again, I couldn’t throw it away because it represented the carefree pregnancy I thought I was going to have. But didn’t.

  17. 24

    Good & Crazy says

    Your birthday is one of the best April fool’s jokes I’ve seen around. I asked around yesterday for some ideas and didn’t get any great ones. Hard to pull that one off twice, eh?

  18. 27

    Melissa says

    Well you got me. That’s a cool birth story. Yesterday after I got back from the gym I told Dru I was pulled up by the cops and given a $500 ticket for not having insurance or registration. He FREAKED OUT!! It was pretty funny. He was relieved that it was April Fools.

  19. 29

    Kristin says

    Nah, you didn’t get me. I know you’re done, AND married to a pharmacist, so really, how hard is birth control? ‘Grab a pack of condoms hon, we’re out!’ But I didn’t know your birthday was April 1st. Sorry I missed that, hope it was a good one. I wish I would have thought of that pregnancy joke, course, since we are still planning on one more, it wouldn’t catch anyone too off guard. Are you 33 this year? That’s a magic birthday for women in Japan. 17 and 33. Don’t know why…

  20. 30

    Cecily R says

    I actually said, OUTLOUD “NO WAY!!” when I saw the picture. So yea, call me an easy target.

    I didn’t do any pranking but I heard about a guy who sprinkled dry cherry kool-aid in his roommate’s towel right before he got out of the shower. I guess it took several days to wear off!!

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