I’ve been thinking……..

Yes.  I do take the time to think every once in awhile, and I’ve come to a conclusion about my young rapscallions, aka, my twins.

Since they’ve been old enough to get into trouble I’ve pondered whether:

1.  They are individually more inquisitive about things forbidden/off limits/that will get them in trouble/are dangerous than my other children.


2.  If by combining their desire to explore their world they just accomplish more in terms of raising havoc than their siblings.

I’ve come to a conclusion.  I think.

Individually they have more adventerous spirits than my older 3 children, AND when they combine forces they can accomplish great things.  Both in their own minds and literally.

For example.

The other day my twins and my niece of almost the same age were playing in the backyard.  My niece came running inside to me to tell me that John needed help.  I didn’t hear any cries for help or wailing, so I was skeptical that there was any real crisis.  I followed her out though, and I heard a happy voice saying, “I need help”.   I could hear the voice, but not see the body.  Then I looked up on the brick wall that divides my backyard from my neighbors and saw that Jacob was stuck on the top, high centered.  It was then that I realized John had climbed the 5 ft wall and jumped down into the neighbors yard on the other side.  That’s why I could  hear him but not see him.  The boys had figured out a way to help each other to the top, and while one was brave enough to jump down, the other one wasn’t.

Clearly, different personalities at work between my twins and niece…..she didn’t attempt to join in an that particular adventure.

I think that when my four year olds put their two impetuous heads together they have the potential to be the death of me. And themselves.  Period.


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    candice says

    That makes me laugh! I can totally picture the one high centered on the fence, while the other contiues to encourage him from the other side;)

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    I find this not only intresting but funny, s I lived through it. My Identical twins are now 15 1/2 (apparently that 1/2 a year is important to them) and while they no longer act as they did when little, their creative and inquisitive minds have served them rather well in turns of schooling, especially High School. Good Luck. This too shall pass, and all too quickly.

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    Strength in numbers, huh? I can see that they’ll accomplish great things! Right now, I’m in need of several shovelers. We have 30 inches of snow-any of your tribe interested? I pay well!

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    With Baby Girl we had one gate to block off the laundry room and garbage cans, but just for our peace of mind. We just had to install one for the kitchen today to keep Bud out of there. He will not stay off the counters. I’m terrified he is going to get hold of the knives. And yesterday he opened my childproof cabinets just wide enough to get his arm in and pull out the 409, which he decided tasted nasty. Ugh. Luckily he just put it up to his mouth and we heard the “blech” and the “me nah likee” and went to check. How?! I still can’t figure out how he really did it.

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      Angie says

      That’s the good thing about my blog. Writing about it and hearing others comments really puts it into perspective!

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    I think you’ve hit the nail on the head….and that’s the huge difference between girls & boys, too! I just have to shake my head sometimes at the things my son does…sometimes genius, others – flat out DUMB.

    🙂 Gotta love ’em! Aren’t they great for entertainment?!

  6. 33


    That is so BOY! Sounds like something my two will get into….actually the oldest will get the youngest to do the crazy stuff!

    Good thing the neighbor didn’t have a dog huh?

  7. 36


    Love it …really combined it’s one 8 year old causing havoc! You definitely have to have the energy and humor to keep up with them. Have a great weekend!

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    It Amazes me every single day what my boys can accomplish. My three are 22 months apart. And boy do my 3 and 5 year old give me a run for my money. I could totally see my 3 year old jumping and my 5 year old up top! :)Have you ever heard of my story about my 3 year old gone missing? I tell you my boys will be the reason for my first grey hairs, heck probably a head full of them!!!

  9. 38


    Ugh. I don’t know how you do it. I’m so glad I never had multiples and even more glad the two kids I have are girls! Sooooooooo much easier, don’t you think?

    Justine 😮 )

  10. 39


    Yes. I get your insight and your apprehension entirely. Feel it and live it alongside you. If it helps, mine have made it to 8—I’m optimistic for 9.

    Happy Sunday, Angie!

  11. 40


    Oh my oh my! iTry to picture that jump and it looks very scary on my mind!
    How in the world they manage to do that? I smell trouble!!!
    You have a very brave little man there…♥
    Have a lovely safe Sun☼Day, Angie…☺

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    As a nanny to fraternal girl twins it is amazing to see how different they are. Personality truly is set from birth. They aren’t crawling yet but I think one of the twins will be crawling any day now. I can only imagine how much mischief these two girls can get into together.

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    Oh man! Well, at least they work together, I suppose 😉 My sister has 5yo twin boys and all they do is fight. EVERYTHING is a competition. My kids on the other hand – I can only imagine the trouble they would get into if they were twins. The trouble that my 1yo gets in just following my 4yo’s lead is enough to make me shudder at the thought.

  14. 43


    I can totally picture this 🙂

    My girls are getting more and more trouble bound LOL. And last night we had our first bold faced lie. I was trying to explain why we don’t lie and together they just kept laughing when ever they looked at each other. At least we’ll be dead together 🙂

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