It’s happened……..

the twins have hit the stage that I dread most. The stage that doesn’t end soon enough and makes me want to bang my head against the wall. It has been going on for about two weeks, and I was foolishly hoping that they wouldn’t find it fun for long……but I was wrong. They find it infinitely amusing to take off their pants and diapers. It’s apparent that I need to invest in duct tape. Oh how I wish they had skipped over this phase.


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    Laura says

    There is something about twins and this phase, they egg one another on. Truly my biggest trial of my twins was the diapers removal and poop incidents that followed,ugh! Duct tape and safety pins and footed sleepers are now required! I had to wrap the duct tape around twice because if they caught the edge of the tape they removed the diapers! I wish you luck sweetie 🙂

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    Casey's trio says

    Uh Oh….Fortunately, this hasn’t been a huge problem for us. The girls haven’t quite figured out how to get their pants off yet and the onesies are still enough of a deterrent when they are sleeping. Let’s see them wiggle out of the duct tape diapers!

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    Kelly says

    Does this only happen with mulitples or something? It’s the only time I’ve heard of it and using the tape.

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    angie says

    My other 3 did this as well, but it took longer for them to undress and was more manageable. Part of the problem is that I no longer use onesies at this age so they just have to take off their pants and diaper. The twins can undress in record speed though because they have a helper handy.

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    Andrea says

    LOL! This is my first visit (popped over from the Keisers’ page), but I promise it won’t be my last! Thank you for entertainting me today!

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    Debra says

    Oh noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! I have NEVER had a child with this problem.

    Thankfully you can get duct tape in fashionable colors now!!

    Good luck girl!! A trip to Lowe’s is in order today!

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    My name is Tammie says

    Yip. I feel your pain. I did find out that if you cut the zipper out of the zippy pj’s then they cant unzip it. You just have to use a bent paper clip to unzip it. 😉 Oh, but if they are on the thinner side and really persistant then they can wiggle out the top of the zippy pj’s, or out of their duct taped diaper. Fun huh.

  8. 9

    Shannon says

    Ella has been stripping too!!! I have never had a child do this until now. It must be a twin thing. Fortunately she only goes as far as the diaper and stops – for now. Goodness, it is bizarre how parallel our lives are!

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