It could have been so much worse…

Jacob was horsing around a few nights ago and fell directly on a metal magazine rack.

He caught his fall with his right eye.

The poor guy cried and cried and cried some more.

Even though we were pretty confident that Jacob hadn’t hurt his actual eye, I took him to the doctor to make sure.

Luckily, most of the damage was done to the tissue surrounding his eye, and while his eye was dilated I had one strange looking kid!


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    Ow! Ow! Ow!! Sorry Jacob.

    So sorry Mama. I cannot look at that picture without cringing. I have a thing about eye issues.


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    My daughter had almost that same exact injury! She fell and her eye caught my Southern Living At Home magazine rack. I did the same thing — took her to have it checked out and was told it could have been much worse. Glad he’s ok!

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    My daughter got an injury in just about the same place. I think it hurt me more than it did her because I just wanted to make it go away and be all better!

    Big hugs to you both!

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    Ooch. I’m glad he’s okay.

    After being accidentally poked in the eye with a metal rod by a toddler Isaac years ago I was told that eyes are the fastest healing part of the body. It’s a good thing!

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    Ouch! I’m so glad he’s okay!

    AFter being accidentally poked in the eye by Isaac when he was a toddler, I was told that the eye is the fastest healing part of the body. It’s a good thing!

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    The dilation looks funny, but his eye isn’t looking bad at all really. I thought it was going to be all kinds of bruised and swollen!

    Justine 😮 )

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    Glad he is OK! We had a similar scare with our oldest knocking his head while trying to scare his brother. It scared us so much more than he ever intended but thankfully his injury turned out to be minor after the bleeding stopped. But of course I still wonder “what if”–the curse of motherhood, we always wonder “what if”

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