I’m ALMOST 35!

I try not to share too much personal information on my blog, which includes the TMI kind {you know what I’m talking about, right?} and the kind whereby stalkers might be able to find-me-and-stalk-me-kind.

I’m about to share some personal information.

But don’t worry.  I’m not about to share the TMI kind {and if I ever do, PLEASE notify me so that I can rectify the situation}!

And since I don’t have even ONE good stalker I feel safe in sharing this one piece of personal information:

I was born on April Fool’s Day, THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO.

I thought I’d have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that I’m almost 35, but you know what?

I’m not.

It’s just a number, and I’d take 35 over 18 any day.  Or 10 or 15 or  21 or 29.  I feel like my life just keeps getting better with age and if that means getting a few more wrinkles around my eyes, well, I guess I’ll take it.

My most memorable birthday isn’t even memorable to me, and I’ve lamented that fact for most of my life.  I was a part of, but can’t remember, one of the best April Fool’s Pranks in the history of this world.  I do stand by that statement, too.

Without going into all the juicy details, I’ll bullet them for you { bullet points make me feel so efficient}:

  • I was born a bit early; on the side of the road, in a truck without interior lights, in the middle of the night, by my dad.  Which means no anesthesia for my mom.
  • Did I mention the location was kind of in the middle of nowhere?  And it was snowing?
  • My grandma was the nurse in charge at the nearest itsy-bitsy hospital.  She may have been the person to order that I be sent to a larger hospital since I wasn’t, oh, BREATHING properly, which may in turn have set into motion the sequence of events which caused the ambulance to kind of crash a little bit.
  • Did I mention that I managed to pull this feat on April Fool’s Day?  And I don’t even remember.

If you had a memorable birthday story that you couldn’t remember, wouldn’t you lament that fact as well?

In the true spirit of giving, I’d be happy to send any of you my address should you like to send me a gift……….wait.  That’s not what I meant to say.  What I meant to say is that in the true spirit of giving, I’m about to share something special.  Against my better judgment, I might add, since it lowers my odds of winning.  Francesca and Kacey of Mayhem and Moxie are celebrating Fran’s birthday by giving away some incredible gifts.  I plan on making my own cupcakes with the Kitchen Aid mixer and displaying them on the cupcake stand, decorating for my own party with the Le Poppy Designs party decorations and having Mama Kat make me a funny book.  So, go ahead and enter, but know that I plan on winning ALL of the prizes.

It’s only fair seeing as though I am turning 35 very, very soon.

I’m giving away TWO full conference passes to the Casual Bloggers Conference AND a Tan in a Can this week. Don’t forget to enter if you haven’t already.

Psst.  I’m guest posting at Writing the Waves of Motherhood today.


  1. 1


    “I feel like my life just keeps getting better with age and if that means getting a few more wrinkles around my eyes, well, I guess I’ll take it.” Agree! ^^

    Each of us has the choice (and chance, by God’s grace) to age gracefully. Advanced Happee Beeday! \(^-^)/
    .-= ~KATE~´s last blog ..Shoot Me! (3 of 52) =-.

  2. 4


    In a truck on the side of the road in the snow? Sounds like something straight out of a movie! I hope you have a fabulous April Fool’s b’day!

    And thanks again for your Fishful Thinking Thursday guest post! It’s up for all to see and you already have a couple comments. 🙂

    .-= Kelli @ writing the waves´s last blog ..WfulW – My bags are packed, I’m ready to go… =-.

  3. 6


    wow, what a birth story. that’s awesome. I’ll tell you, you don’t look 35 …or you look awesome for 35, I’m not sure which. but you know you look great!
    .-= S Club Mama´s last blog ..24 =-.

  4. 9


    I’m pretty sure you have the best birth story I’ve ever heard. To have it on any other day wouldn’t do it justice. UNLESS of course you’re going to come back on your birthday and tell us it was all a joke and you were really born in a nice hospital room with all the lights on. And then I would laugh. Because, you GOT me!

    Happy early birthday my friend!

    P.S. You can will all the prizes in the cupcake contest if I can win the CBC tickets…
    .-= Cecily R´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday and 365 Week 12 =-.

  5. 12


    Wow! Not too many people can top your birth story, huh? It sounds like a scene from a movie!!!

    I have to agree with you and am glad to be in my 30s. Everyone thought I was going to freak out when I turned 30 (b/c I’m the youngest of 3 and the youngest in my close group of friends), but oh no…I was so happy to rid myself of my 20s!

    Anywho, advanced happy birthday to you (and my mom too! She’s an April Fool like yourself 🙂 ) Hope it’s a great one!
    .-= BZMomma´s last blog ..WW – Run/Walks 2010 =-.

  6. 17


    I was born on Christmas-
    and my dad pushed my mom up a snowy hill in Bronx Newyork-
    on the other side of the hill was a barbed wire fence with ghetto barking dogs-
    and as the clock struck midnight my mom told my dad she felt like the virgin mary……….
    Cheers to holiday birthdays!!

  7. 19


    Probably better that your dad’s truck didn’t have interior lights. You might have been an only child after that view. Happy (early) Birthday!
    .-= Stacia´s last blog ..Puke Week =-.

  8. 22


    🙂 I wish I had a cool birth story or a cool birthday story but hopefully I will have something cool happen to one of my many more birthdays to come.

    Hope you are doing something fabulous for your special day!
    .-= jennyleite´s last blog ..Funny Ph(F)rases Friday =-.

  9. 23


    All right I am doing a good job on my stalking abilities huh?
    Okay that isn’t even funny! SCARY!

    Anyway…Happy almost 35th bday….I love my bday and like you said I’ll take this bday over any other! I’ve waiting a long dang time to be this old!

  10. 24


    Thank you for not going the TMI route! Honestly, the things I read on some people’s blogs – they are either heave-worthy or make you blush. Just last week, someone had a drawing of her girly bits to illustrate the damage that occurred during her recent childbirth. Sheesh people, save something for the honeymoon!

    Anyway, I will share with you the birthday card I got when I turned 35. You’re turning 35? (inside) You know, people have been known to live for WEEKS after that.

    Really puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it?
    .-= Adrian´s last blog ..Running your own Thrift Store =-.

  11. 28


    On the side of the road with “no anesthesia?” I would have refused to push. I’m sorry dear husband, but you’re just going to have to do this without me. I need to be knocked out.

    Question? When you tell people that you were born on April Fool’s Day, do they believe you…or do they think it’s a April Fool’s joke?

    Hugs and Mocha,
    .-= Stesha´s last blog ..Spring Has Sprung And I Don’t Want To Miss Summer =-.

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