If these jeans could talk…..

When a pair of girls jeans appeared in my laundry room with a note attached to them, I was annoyed.  My kids totally know better than to put their clothes in the laundry with “stuff” in/on them that cannot be washed.  Paper, pens, crayons,  GUM…..all hanging offenses in this household.

I ripped the note off the jeans in disgust, threw it in the trash and then went back for a second look.  The note was attached with a blue satin ribbon, you should know.

What I found both amused and flummoxed me.  See, the note was for ME, from the JEANS.  It said,

  1. I am very selfish, so I can’t bathe with my friends, OR we get in a fight, and I bleed all over them.
  2. I hate hotness.  I need to bathe  with cold water or I fade and die!  (Please don’t put me through that!)
  3. As I said, I hate hot so don’t dry me or I shrivel up and die.


Now, I was flummoxed because I couldn’t help but wonder how my daughter who has never washed a load of laundry in her life would know the proper care and attention that should be paid to her jeans.  And, I was laughing because, after all, I had just received a note “from” an inanimate object, and the originality amused me.

And probably always will.

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    That is such a very educated, literary thing. Humor in the back of the brain…harder to get to place. I would love for one of my girls to do that, too.

  2. 4


    that is hilarious. I need notes like that for my bras when my hubby does laundry.

    Don’t dry me or I will shrivel up (and take her breasts with me). bwahahaha

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    I’m with Jennifer…why didn’t she wash them? (Said by the mother who washes everyone’s laundry in self-defense of not having someone accidentally toss a bra or shirt or something of mine into the dryer and having it shrink into oblivion…it’s happened way too many times.)

    That aside, that is both funny and creative. One of those things you’ll always remember…those special kid things always happen in ways that you don’t expect.

  4. 23


    Never mind, I went back and re read!!!! Smart girl you have there 😉 I wish my family would remember to take the toy soldiers and crayons out of their clothes……yes, I said crayons. Yuk.

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