iDerma Acne System Review

About a month ago iDerma sent me their Complete Acne System for review and gave me one to give away to one of you.

Congratulations to Cassandra for winning the giveaway! Cassandra qualified to win the complete system by leaving comments on different iDerma products within the widget below:

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to use the iDerma system and I really only have positive things to say about the system.  The system came at just the right time as summer arrived and suddenly my face started breaking out, probably due to that nasty event called perspiring and using extra sunscreen. 

I haven’t used a toner in years, and the toner really does make a difference. My face feels a whole lot fresher, and I’m pretty sure it looks fresher too.  The actual face wash is very mild and foams up for a nice sudsy feeling, and the moisturizer is fantastic. 

I WISH I had this moisturizer when I was a teenager and was convinced that I couldn’t use moisturizer lest it make my face too oily.  The iDerma acne system moisturizer moisturizes without feeling like, well, moisturizer.  It’s super light, but does the trick WITHOUT an extra oil.

If you have a tendency towards acne breakouts, I would DEFINITELY give the iDerma Acne System a try.


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    Dear Devra,a0Thank you for sharing your skin care kgonledwe with our Girl Scout troop, and especially with us moms! Oh, if only we knew at their age what we know now. Personally, I didn’t realize how hard I have been on my skin, and that gently cleaning with a washcloth and non-detergent cleanser could remove so much more makeup residue. I was so impressed that I shared your How to Wash your Face YouTube video with my co-workers! Our Girl Scout troop was also surprised and thrilled to receive their own gorgeous ETSIS hats with SunEscape protection panels! Thank you! You are so passionate about sun protection and skin care your enthusiasm is simply infectious!

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