I Survived the Boy’s Pirate Party…

…But just barely.

I thought I had everything planned down to a T, but then, something less than desirable happened, and I ended up feeling really rather angsty.

I actually spent a ton of time planning the party.  I painstakingly planned the menu with Pirate Pizza, Gold Fish, Wormy Weapons (sour worms), Plunderer’s Punch (Red carbonate drink), Sailor’s Salad and Captive Cupcakes.

I had games (walk the plank, a sword fight, a treasure hunt and pin the eye patch on the pirate); I had prizes; I even had customized party favors.

I planned for a full guest turnout utilizing the 25% party rule that I’m now wondering if I made up myself.

I stayed up late getting ready.  I woke up early to make sure everything was just so, but then all my preparations flew right out the window when the bounce house along with the tables and chairs I’d rented arrived AFTER THE PARTY STARTED.

I had the cutest table decorations planned.  Sea shells, telescopes, pirate swords, eye patches, beaded necklaces and treasure chests.

I had planned on wowing all the parents with my party planning expertise except all that flew out the window when the guests starting arriving and I HAD NO TABLES (which meant basically minimal decorations-thank goodness for the party streamers Jeff put up), CHAIRS or BOUNCE HOUSE, which of course was the main attraction.

Despite a HUGE hiccup, I think the party went well.

I was too busy running around to be positive, but no one threw tomatoes at me, so I think we’re good.

I would have gotten a bunch of photos.

If I were smart.

But since I’m not, and I didn’t, these will have to do.

Oh, Oh.  Before I forget:   Have you ever heard of the 25% party planning rule that I mentioned earlier?  It basically states that 25% of invited guests will not be able to attend.

Disclosure:  I didn’t make the pirate cake.  My sister in law did.  But I totally could have.  In my dreams.

Jeff helped me with the party.  I just like to take all the credit.

There were 33 children in attendance.  And 16 adults.  Only one child invited wasn’t able to attend.

I think people like us.

I’m playing along with Amanda, the new hostess of Wordful Wednesday this week, and with MamaKat for Writer’s Workshop. I miss being the hostess.  Just so you know.

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  1. 16


    Ah. Well now I know what you’ve been doing. Planning extraordinary parties for 5 yo’s. You really went all out. 16 adults came? Is that a CA thing? Parents here just slow down enough to open the door and push their kid out on the street and then zoom away, cackling to themselves all the while. You’re lucky if they come back to pick up said child. I’m sure the kids didn’t even notice the shocking lack of party decorations. Every time I plan one of these parties, I find myself thinking I should just go to Chuck E Cheeses and save myself the headache. It always ends up costing me the same amount anyway. You’re a good mom. 3 gold stars for you!

  2. 67


    well despite the hiccups, I think that he had a great time…that’s all that matters. From the pictures, it looks like EVERYONE had a great time!

  3. 86


    It looks like a wonderful birthday and made even better that you have survived, it was a success, and you have a whole year until you have to do it again!

  4. 100

    Melissa says

    33 kids?
    The cake looks awesome.
    The kids looked like they had fun.
    I would’ve been SUPER STRESSED about the tables and castle.
    Glad it worked out and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the twins.

  5. 124

    Laurie says

    Sounds like a FUN time…I think themed parties are so fun for kids. Lily had a Princess party for her 5th, I had almost as much fun as the kids.

  6. 125


    Well, I’d say the boys look like they had a great time and that’s what’s important right?

    Thankfully, it arrived before the party ended!

  7. 143


    I hope you at least got discounted on the items that were late. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    On the up side, it looks like the kids had a ton of fun! Can they stop growing now?

  8. 147


    Well had you not told us about the chairs, tables, or bounce house I would have thought that the party went on with out a hitch! The menu sounded spectacular. The cake looked awesome and most of all it looks like it was a blast.

  9. 154


    Sounds like everything went well and the kids looked like they had fun. What a clever theme. My son’s birthday was in September and I get angsty already thinking about what we will do for next year!

  10. 170


    You are one of the really really good moms….aren’t you? 33 kids? Are you insane!!? Now I feel totally pathetic and jealous. Sort of angsty I guess.

  11. 190


    Wow. You are ever so much braver than I. My oldest had his birthday party last week and we had it OUT at a bounce house. So that all I had to do was bring my kids and a cake and they did everything else.

  12. 191


    Happy Birthday Candice!!Love the picture of you it came out rlelay good .The bottom pic well we might have to talk about that one lol Enjoy your day and make sure you do something special .have a great Birthday and wishing you many many more ..Love you!!!Love, N Nanny :clap_tb: :clap_tb: :clap_tb: :clap_tb:

  13. 208


    (and fear too it comes too gnome/windows!).We shouldn’t be aaifrd of other FOSS projects making advances. We are allies not enemies.Happy birthday KDE and thanx for the pleasure of being able to use you as my favourite Desktop environment for 5 years.


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