I Kind of, Sort of Met Cindy Crawford This Weekend

On our flight home from Florida, we had two “legs” to our journey, which of course means a plane change at some point.  When we were boarding our second and longest “leg” home the twins were not paying attention.  Instead of walking down the isle staring straight ahead, not making eye contact with other passengers as is the normal protocol airplane boarding protocol, they were walking backwards then forwards, and playing with each other.  Since I was behind them, almost tripping over them, I told them to “pay attention”, and looked up to see a passenger in first class smiling at them.

Not just any smile though, a familiar smile.

A Cindy Crawford smile.

It really made my day, and not just because it was Cindy Crawford smiling indulgently at my boys.  It made my day because it’s been my experience that  most of the time business travelers have no patience for children and I feel like they (my children) must be on their best behavior lest they annoy someone (which would be a poor reflection on me as a mother).

I was so impressed in fact, that I tweeted Cindy to tell her that her smile meant a lot to me.

I certainly didn’t expect a response, but when I got one, I was, well, shocked.  In a really good way.

I wouldn’t have expected her to remember, much less acknowledge the encounter, but she did.

That’s kind of, sort of a meeting, right?  🙂

And, in case you are wondering, she’s just as beautiful in real life as in pictures.  I love that she’s intelligent and beautiful, famous yet obviously seated in reality, observant,  and clearly nice.

I thought our Florida vacation memories would end when we left Florida.  But they didn’t.  They continued clear on into Los Angeles.


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    Awwww…you guys are BFFs! What a great response…she just seems “real.” Does that make sense?

    Even though I kind of hate that she’s as pretty in person as she is in pictures 😉

  2. 5

    Melissa says

    How do you do this?
    Meet these famous people.
    You baffle me.
    I’m never in the right place at the right time.

  3. 10


    how nice of her and how nice of you to let her know how she made you feel-you probably made her day with your tweet and made her feel good about herself too

  4. 15


    Why yes. Yes, that *does* totally equal a meeting! What a nice, lovely encounter. It almost makes me want to tackle traveling with my (smaller than your) crew! Great post! 🙂

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    That is soooo cool, and so nice. I am impressed that she remembered and that you had that sort of experience with a celebrity. Twitter is amazing.

    I haven’t had a chance to say, “Congrats and welcome on your new SITSTAHship!” I am looking forward to your posts. 🙂

  6. 18


    Nice to know that even celeb moms understand. And yes, that totally counts as “meeting” her. 🙂 My brother met Julia Roberts not too long ago when he was in LA working on a commercial. Her husband was directing it. Anyhoo – he said that she was even prettier in person and super down to earth.

    And you do have some cute kiddos – it would be hard not to notice!

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    Very nice because they really are just people. Angie, you remind me of my daughter. She’s met Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Ron Howard, Alan Rickman and soon to meet Nicole Kidman. I’m a bit “starstruck” and she reminds me all the time… they’re just people. (right)

  8. 22


    That’s awesome! I love Cindy Crawford for the same reasons you listed. She’s been quoted as saying some great things, like “even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” I love that. 🙂

  9. 31


    That is so cool of her to remember you guys and respond to your tweet! I also love it too that YOU were cool enough not to stop and gush at her. I bet she appreciated that.

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