I have a Romeo on my hands….

We refer to him around these parts as Johnny.

He met the girl of his dreams and decided to take matters into his own hands.

He picked her roses, and found her a ring.

And set out to ask her to marry him when they get older.

But then one of the roses got destroyed and I derailed him when I told him he was a little young to be proposing.

He ended up not popping the big question, but I have a feeling he will have tons of practice before it comes to the real thing.

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    Cute! You know I have one too! #2 asked a girl to “be is grillfriend” this year. Like actually asked. And, best part, he came home SO super over the top excited about her saying yes. Seriously didn’t know how much it meant to him until I saw his smiling face.

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    He’s so cute. Kindergarteners have a hormone surge at this age (did you know that?) Makes most of them ‘girl crazy’ but in Kate’s case, it just gave her PMS. Sheesh.

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