I didn’t take these pictures………so who did?

As I was viewing my pictures from my little Utah adventure last week I found a few pictures that I know I didn’t take.  This is noteworthy because it’s my camera and no one else had permission to use it.

Imagine my surprise (or don’t.  It’s not that surprising, really) when I saw this random lot of photos.

In the end, I didn’t have to ask  WHO took the photos.

Because I already knew.

And hey, I got photographic proof that I actually was on the trip (see first photo).


  1. 13


    I swear, sometimes my kids take the most random shots, and more often than not they are awesome, lol! How cute! And I had to laugh about your proof you were on the trip, lol.

  2. 16


    At least they’re cute pictures! Unlike the pictures I got off my camera (grown kids drinking bottles in bed & lots of random silliness)

  3. 17


    I LOVE that last photo. Love it! She is gorgeous man, for real! Not fair that you got 5 beautiful kids, when some of us only get to have 3. So not fair!

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