I Caved: The Pet Saga Begins

I’m sure many of you recall me telling you about my kids begging me incessantly for a dog.

For over 1 year now I’ve absolutely held out with a firm no.



I just plain didn’t want another thing to take care of.

I knew it, and I’m pretty sure they knew it.  It was just a matter of time until I finally caved.

And cave I did.

We now have TWO pets.

Meet the newest members of our household, Fishfin and Splash:

I thought a fish would be the perfect pet.  I mistakenly thought all I’d have to do was remind the kids to feed the fish once a day.

It’s not THAT surprising that I was wrong.  Once again.

Who knew that one has to change the water daily (or at least every other day), if one doesn’t have a fancy-schmancy fish tank, and that the water has to be specially prepared?  Not just any water will do.  No.  It has to be room temperature and has to have special drops added to do something that I can’t be bothered to remember.


No one told me that fish can flop themselves right out of a little cup of water.  If I knew that I’d have to chase a flopping fish around my kitchen with a spoon while changing said water, I would have NEVER signed up to be a fish owner.


I’m playing along with PSF and GMYBS today!


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    So I probably shouldn’t tell you about the fish I had as a kid that flipped out of its bowl during the night and how I STEPPED on it when I woke up to go to the bathroom, huh?

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    ha ha ha. We have a no pet rule too!! The fish that is funny like letting them get their pinky toe in the door!! and on the floor gross! Here’s my goldfish on the floor story…so I had a fear of live fish and in 10th grade Biology my friend taunted me with a goldfish cuz she knew live fish freaked me out and it slid out of her hands and into my lap then onto the floor as she was taunting me and I screamed one of those fear induced high pitched waling type screams and my teacher had a migraine and he was not thrilled and everyone laughed and laughed. And he was even more disturbed by the incident. Anyway what other pet would you consider a tortoise but then they grow up but Ca is a good place to have one cuz it is temperate enough. Anyway good luck taking care of the fish!

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    We have a no pet rule too – I bet that was scary when it was flopping across your kitchen floor – eww you would have had to touch it. No Way – we did once try tadpoles…it didn’t end well. Good for you for being a super great Mommy though. I bet they are thrilled.

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    I won’t even do fish. One of my boys won one from the library as part of their summer reading program. I gave the librarian the dirtiest look ever. Thankfully, it was just a coupon for one at the pet store and we conveniently LOST the coupon.

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    At least it’s just two fish. They tend to be less of a burden and a mess around the house. Hope that Fishfin and Splash will satisfy some of your kids’ pet cravings. 🙂

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    OMGosh. I can totally picture the chaos of the fish flopping around on the counter LOL. Seriously…every day??? That is way to much for me. A dog would be easier Haha

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    LOL. We did the whole fish thing last year. It lasted a few months, then the kids got sick of changing the water so we tried to give it away, but no one wanted it, sooooo…. we flushed it. Bon Voyage Fishy! All drains lead to the sea!

    Now I’m being pestered to get a lizard. I’m having a problem w/ the whole live fly dinner thing…

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    Once my fish fell down the disposal and never was retrieved. Even still we got fish for Lindsey and Jacob (better than a dog). After 3 died we took a break… a long break as Sydney and Hailey never have had a pet. They are now begging for a fish!!

    Your story is so funny.

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    That’s funny! Almost exactly a year ago, Blake “won” a wish at a Carnival and we’ve been through at least a dozen of them until we finally called it quits this week. We literally took down the fish tank this evening! They are a pain in the butt and you don’t even get much enjoyment out of the darn things. I’m much happier with my kittens – less work than dogs and they are SO fun! Plus they sleep 18 hours a day, so most of our time is purr & snuggle time with them. Nothing sweeter than a sleepy, snuggly kitten.

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    We have a cat. Besides feeding it and changing the litter, that’s really all we have to do. I’m thinking that’s less maintenance than a fish.

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